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What to Wear in Morocco as a Female Traveler

What to pack for a trip to Morocco?

Before going on a vacation, always try to learn more about the culture of the place in advance. It gives us many ideas regarding what type of clothes we should carry. Tourists generally prefer going to Morocco during the summer season. However, it gets pretty warm during that time of the year. If you are going to the big cities, you can carry anything, ranging from shorts to long maxi dresses. However, if you plan to go to the rural side, it is advised that you wear long and covered dresses because the people in that area are a bit conservative.

What to wear in Morocco

1.      Long maxi dress

This is an ideal dress, especially in summers. A long maxi dress or a long skirt is perfect for a hot day as they cover most parts of your body, protecting you from the harsh sun and making you look fashionable. I think that the shortest answer to what to wear in Morocco question is : wear a maxi dress. In every color. Dresses with buttons are even more preferable because you can wear them in the city as well as in the villages. Depending on how much you want to reveal, you can open up the buttons.

2.      Lose tops and pants

In warm areas such as Morocco, carrying loose and flowy pants and tops is advisable. They give you enough room to breathe and look trendy at the same time. In addition, you can also carry culottes, gauchos, crop pants, loose jumpsuits, etc. Cotton and linen are two of the best material to wear in summer as they are breathable and does not stick to the body. Avoid carrying spaghetti tops as it is not ideal during the daytime because of the sun, but you can wear them for fancy dinners or clubbing.

3.      Jackets

If you plan to visit Morocco in spring, you are advised to carry a lightweight jacket. Jackets protect you from the occasional rain showers that the region faces during that time. It gets pretty chilly in the morning and also at night. You can even carry a waterproof jacket for the same purpose.

4.      Hat

It is best if you carry a wide-brimmed hat with you during the daytime. Such a hat is excellent protection during sunny days. However, even if you forget to bring one, you can easily buy such a hat as it goes by the name ‘sheshia’.

5.      Shoes

Another important thing you need in Morocco is a comfortable pair of shoes. There will be a lot of walking in and around Morocco, so you should be comfortable throughout the day in your comfiest pair of footwear. You can even wear closed-toe sandals to avoid the penetration of sand between your toes.

6.      Jeans

While jeans are a big no during summers, in winters, they are perfect. You can wear loose or tight-fit jeans but make sure to wear a long top with tight jeans when visiting villages.

Final thoughts

While packing for Morocco, ensure that you pack clothes and shoes that you feel most comfortable. They will make you look fashionable and be comforting at the same time. 

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