How to travel the world and live a “normal” life

This isn’t a travel blog that will tell you how to leave everything behind and follow the siren call of travel and I’m not a travel blogger who spends their entire life on the road or in the air. But what this blog will show you is how it is possible to cultivate a deep love of traveling the world, while also living a life that allows you to make those incredible memories.

Travel stories and inspiration

I want to share with my readers an appreciation for a country’s beauty beyond the buildings that line the streets — exploring a country’s vibrant culture and visiting with the people allows a much deeper connection while traveling.

I collect memories, not countries

I think my experience of living with local host families while studying as an exchange student taught me many lessons about how to get to know a culture through its people. I collect memories, not countries.

Latest Stories

Taquile Island : Andean Weavers and Tranquility

This is not your typical “lake weekend” and lake Titicaca does not even to resemble a lake , but a limitless ocean .
The sun painted the lake the illumines blue . The sky the sky is azure beyond believe .
Being in the middle of this majestic lake , you can totally understand why the Incas worshipped the sun : the sun is what gives Lake Titicaca its sense of mystery, its unmatched sublimity.

Must-See Things in the Istanbul

The wedding of John F.Kennedy and Carolyn Bessette was one of the most important social events of 1996. The final touch to this significant big event was their choice of honeymoon destination. Most socialites of their era and today would choose a Caribbean Island, Maldives, or Paris.

Red October Factory

Red October factory is what used to be the city’s sweetest scene is now the coolest. The industrial setting is now turned into a district with galleries, cafes and event spaces.

Key Lime Pie

The Key Lime pie didn’t become Florida’s flagship dessert until the 1950s, but it’s now synonymous with the State’s identity and pride of the Keys.

Lemon and lime pies have been around for centuries. A rustic version of the modern lime pie could have been enjoyed even by the Ancient Greeks.

More recently, you can find records of meringue-topped lime pies in Switzerland sometime in the early 19th century, and they came to be quite popular. 

Red Square Sights You Can’t Miss

Red Square is much bigger than it looks like in movies. It can take up to 6 hours to walk and see all of the Red Square sights, each of which is an architectural masterpiece.

Pisac Market And Ruins

There is absolutely no better way to dive into the local culture than to visit vibrant street markets .

The Pisaq market is vibrant, fresh, local and authentic . It is not only the place to shop for unique hand made goods , and world famous textiles . It’s a place like no other to see some fascinating local characters , get an insight into the food traditions and take photos .

New Destination Ahead

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Estes Park city

Estes Park in Colorado is something of a base camp for Rocky Mountain exploration. The village provides anything you could ever need on your quest into the Rocky Mountain National Park. What is there to do ? Experts are on hand to assist you in a range of wilderness activities for all of the family, so whether you are an…