How to travel the world and live a “normal” life

This isn’t a travel blog that will tell you how to leave everything behind and follow the siren call of travel and I’m not a travel blogger who spends their entire life on the road or in the air. But what this blog will show you is how it is possible to cultivate a deep love of traveling the world, while also living a life that allows you to make those incredible memories.

Travel stories and inspiration

I want to share with my readers an appreciation for a country’s beauty beyond the buildings that line the streets — exploring a country’s vibrant culture and visiting with the people allows a much deeper connection while traveling.

I collect memories, not countries

I think my experience of living with local host families while studying as an exchange student taught me many lessons about how to get to know a culture through its people. I collect memories, not countries.

Latest Stories

Budapest :Things to do on the Pest Side

Most of the action lies in Pest, east of the Danube, the Jewish Quarter and the Palace District , with fashionable restaurants bars, restaurants and boutiques in neighborhoods like the Inner City , Budapest Pest side is the place to be . The Pest side is where you’ll spend most of your time. It’s where the main city center is,…

Exploring the Moorish Castle of Sintra

Maybe because it has more history than all of the Sintra sights combined , maybe because it has the most authentic feel to it , less crowds and the true bird’s eye view for everything including Atlantic Ocean if you are lucky , visiting Moorish Castle in Sintra was one of the highlights of my Portugal trip . There is…

Estes Park city

Estes Park in Colorado is something of a base camp for Rocky Mountain exploration. The village provides anything you could ever need on your quest into the Rocky Mountain National Park. What is there to do ? Experts are on hand to assist you in a range of wilderness activities for all of the family, so whether you are an…

5 things to do in Colorado Springs

This park opens early with the birds at 5 a.m. You could spend all day there taking in the natural beauty and marveling at the humongous rocks because the park closes at 11 p.m. But don’t miss the opportunity to watch the sun rise around this beautiful place. A registered national natural landmark, Garden of the Gods was named for…

Iceland Black Beach : Reynisfjara

This is the most famous black beach in Iceland and this is because it is easily accessible and it offers magnificent views Iceland is a magnificent country and it covered in snow and ice while the underground tells a different story as it is among the most volcanic regions in the world. You will not find a country that is…

Novodevichy Convent In Moscow

Novodevichy Convent,the final resting place of some of the country’s most famous figures. In 2004, the ensemble was included in the list of UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Sites. This is one of the most amazing architectural monuments in the capital.

Playa del Carmen Vacation

Playa del Carmen is located just down the road from commercialized spring-break cornerstone of Cancún , but it’s a different universe.
It is the largest and most cosmopolitan spot of Riviera Maya . Cancún means the high density, the buzz and the next margarita , while Playa del Carmen suggests chill and eco friendly experience.


Iceland: A Beautiful Country of Extreme Geological Contrasts Nature rules in Iceland. With its thundering waterfalls, magnificent glaziers, and impressive night-time displays, Iceland is a unique country that’s recently become a very popular travel destination. Known worldwide as the Land of Fire and Ice, this beautiful country is home to some of the largest glaziers in Europe and the most…