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9 Fabulous Things To Do in St Petersburg, Russia

You probably know that St. Petersburg is about museums, palaces, Pushkin and culture. That the White Nights, when the sun never goes down, is the best time to visit St. Petersburg.That its the emerging foodie destination. Did you know it is in Europe’s top 5 most visited tourist cities? And if you ask me, one of the most spectacular cities…

How to Celebrate White Nights in Saint Petersburg, Russia

What is “White Nights” in Saint Petersburg? The “White Nights” is a famous term in the grand city of Czars, St. Petersburg. White nights are actually those 80 days (almost) starting in May and ending in July. Natives named them as white nights as they bring a brief but warm and sunny relief from long, dark months. St. Petersburg is…

3 Must Visit Museums of Saint Petersburg, Russia

Saint Petersburg is a museum haven. Surveying them must touch your soul and will evoke a different emotional stream in you. Let us delve into these dazzling masterpieces!   Hermitage The most renowned museum in St. Petersburg is the Hermitage. It is among the finest collections on the globe that may be seen at the old palace of the Romanov Czars,…

Unique Travel Tours: Ceremonial Entryways of Saint Petersburg, Russia

Paradniye or ceremonial entrances, or simply, entryways are one of St.Petersburg’s symbols. There are “entryways guided tours” , Instagram accounts dedicated to the entryways, and many legends surrounding them . Why “ceremonial” Back in the day, the entrances to the house were divided. The main entrance opened in the street, and for the servants, there was a separate entrance at…

A Complete One Day Itinerary For Saint Petersburg, Russia

Palace Square Saint Petersburg This is among the most impressive and luxurious structures in the entire world. After about three centuries, the Palace Square is still the primary attraction. It is the red square of St Petersburg, in its meaning and popularity. St Petersburg’s Winter Palace is undoubtedly the house with multiple faces. It depicts the signs of imperial tyranny….

Foodie’s Guide to Russian Cuisine: Food, Drinks,Etiquette

s Russian cuisine has been evolving for hundreds of years, borrowing and adapting dishes from other nations. As you would expect, this cuisine is varied and exciting. A lot of Russian dishes are made with cheap, nourishing and locally available ingredients, since they were developed to feed large families. Russia is so huge that dishes vary from region to region….

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