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Why Alpaca is the Most Sustainable Animal on Earth

You’ve probably heard of llama and alpaca. They’re both domesticated South American animals, and the alpaca’s beautiful wool has become very popular in recent years, and so have the traditional Peruvian textiles that are made from this unique material. Items made from alpaca wool can be found in homes, popular hotels, and even restaurants in many places, but you’ll see them everywhere in the region. Guanacos and vicuñas are relatives of the better-known alpacas and llamas, and very shy, living in less-populated, higher-altitude regions of the Andes. You might spot one from afar, if you’re lucky.

Alpaca Sanctuary Awana Kancha : How to Get There and What to See

Awana Kancha’s animals are one of its best features. All four of the native camelid species live here: llama, alpaca, vicuña, and guanaco. These long-necked animals have lived in the Andes along with the native peoples. The llama and alpaca are domesticated, providing clothing and fuel to people for over 5000 years. Llama are bigger and they’re often used as pack animals, while alpaca are wool animals. Vicuña and guanaco mostly exist in the wild, and they’re naturally very shy.

Lake Titicaca :Taquile legends,Andean Weavers and Wedding Rituals

This is not your typical “lake weekend” and lake Titicaca does not even to resemble a lake , but a limitless ocean .
The sun painted the lake the illumines blue . The sky the sky is azure beyond believe .
Being in the middle of this majestic lake , you can totally understand why the Incas worshipped the sun : the sun is what gives Lake Titicaca its sense of mystery, its unmatched sublimity.

Peru Natural Fabric Dyes : Ancient Secrets Revealed

Natural fabric dyes are becoming popular again as eco-conscious products are more in demand. Natural, sustainable dyes have been used since the beginning of textile crafting, and they’re seeing a revival in the modern world, although they’ve never gone out of use in many places around the world, such as Peru, which has a rich textile culture. Natural dyes created…

Amantani Island Homestay in Lake Titicaca : My Actual Experience

This is so far the only place I’ve been to where tourists are kept simple and exists in harmony with the natural way of life .
And I am not even talking about the staged to the perfection Uros tour. But tourism in general . Where selling your ingenuity and traditions means sharing and not selling out . Where you let the foreigner admire and be a part of your culture for an hour or a day just letting them in , without being a clown who dresses up and gets back to western clothing and Walmart plastic furniture right after the tourist cameras are off .

A Foodie’s Guide To Peruvian Food And Drink

Here’s what you can expect from an exciting trip to Peru; a journey to the past in which you’ll find not only the kindest, warmest people but insight in their ancestral cooking.Peruvians, the people of the sun, are a closed community and have assimilated little of the modern ways spread in the rest of America. However, it’s because of this seclusion that you can still find extraordinary unaltered traditions; a unique lifestyle better appreciated through food.

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