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Sustainable Travel in Nicaragua

Sustainable Travel in Nicaragua Nicaragua was once considered a tourism backwater. But it is now emerging as a regional leader in sustainable travel. Eco tourism

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Amantani Homestay tour
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Amantani Island Homestay in Lake Titicaca : My Actual Experience

This is so far the only place I’ve been to where tourists are kept simple and exists in harmony with the natural way of life .
And I am not even talking about the staged to the perfection Uros tour. But tourism in general . Where selling your ingenuity and traditions means sharing and not selling out . Where you let the foreigner admire and be a part of your culture for an hour or a day just letting them in , without being a clown who dresses up and gets back to western clothing and Walmart plastic furniture right after the tourist cameras are off .

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Visit Uros Islands
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Titicaca: The Great Show of Uros Floating Islands and Why I Hated it

Back in the day the Mobility was the name of the game. When political situation got tense , particularly with the arrival of the Incas , they could just move the entire island from the dangerous area . Just push it off the shore and float to safety within the 3,200-square-mile lake .Anchors made of rocks and rope would hold them in place , but not exactly . At least not all the time …

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