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First Timer’s Travel Guide to Cappadocia

Travel Guide to Cappadocia .Cappadocia is an ancient and wondrous region found in modern day Turkey. The region’s history is vast and can even be found mentioned in the Christian Bible. The mystique and strategic position of the region has caused many great leaders, including Alexander the Great, to fight for it. Today, the Cappadocian trail continues to attract people…

Monteverde Cloud Forest :The Best Place to Visit in Costa Rica

Monteverde Cloud Forest – a natural wonder . The United States and Canada are home to approximately 1,000 tree species. One 26,000-acre patch of Costa Rica hosts more than 750. The Monteverde (“Green Mountain”) Cloud Forest Reserve is perhaps the world’s best example of one of its rarest ecosystems. As the elevation rises above 4,500 feet, the forest reaches up…

Amantani Island Homestay in Lake Titicaca : My Actual Experience

This is so far the only place I’ve been to where tourists are kept simple and exists in harmony with the natural way of life .
And I am not even talking about the staged to the perfection Uros tour. But tourism in general . Where selling your ingenuity and traditions means sharing and not selling out . Where you let the foreigner admire and be a part of your culture for an hour or a day just letting them in , without being a clown who dresses up and gets back to western clothing and Walmart plastic furniture right after the tourist cameras are off .

A Complete Guide to Visiting Krka National Park, Croatia

If you are traveling to Croatia , visiting Krka National Park is a must . It boasts magnificent beaches, settlements, and a national park which encompasses picturesque nature.Krka is unique in its cascade of natural waterfalls, lakes and beautiful islands in the center of the river. What is especially appealing to visitors is the opportunity to swim in waterfalls, which…

Visiting Diamond Beach and Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon in Iceland

Imagine peacock blue and arctic white 2,000-year-old icebergs floating beneath the highway bridge, then carried to sea, then dashed on the beach by the waves – this is Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon. Stepping into an Ice Age for a few hours The Jokulsarlon Lagoon, azure , pristine , famous for icebergs that break off into the water , almost strategically placed…

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