AsiaMoscow’s Red Square Sights For First Timers – A Complete Travel Guide
Red Square sights views

Moscow’s Red Square Sights For First Timers – A Complete Travel Guide

It can take up to 6 hours to walk and see all of Red Square sights, each of which is an architectural masterpiece.Red Square is much bigger than it looks like in movies.

Kremlin is the religious and historical core of Russian culture and politics.

Best things to see in Moscow for fist time travelers

It seems like the entire city and even the entire country are concentrated around Red Square and the Kremlin. It is open daily, except Thursday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

St. Basil’s Cathedral

One of the most beautiful Orthodox churches in Russia was built in the middle of the 16th century in Red Square’s central part by Ivan the Terrible.  The cathedral’s stunning aesthetics have not lost their grandeur even in the troubled times of wars and the struggle against religion. The interior decoration of the temple is just as stunning.  Byzantine tradition paintings, ancient frescoes, and rare Russian icons. 

More on St. Basil’s Cathedral

Right next to the cathedral there is an impressive monument Monument to Minin and Pozharsky.

 guide to red square Moscow

The monument to Kuzma Minin and Dmitry Pozharsky, located near the Cathedral of St. Basil the Blessed, symbolizes the conflict between the Russians and the invaders in the 16th century. The two heroes helped unite the nation, formed a local militia, and kicked the invaders out of Rus’.

Spasskaya Tower

The main tower of Kremlin. Decorated with a five-point ruby star, installed in the early 1930s. The tower was built by a famous Italian architect in 1491 and served as the Kremlin’s main entrance. This architectural structure received its name in honor of the Savior of Smolensky’s image, painted above the gate from the side of the square.

The main attraction of the embankment is the Moscow Kremlin, namely its southern wall. Kremlin consists of many towers the names of which no foreigner can pronounce: Vodovzvodnaya tower,the Annunciation tower, Taynitskaya, Beklemishevskaya , Petrovskaya tower and two nameless ones.  

Behind the wall and towers, you can see the Grand Kremlin Palace and the Archangel and Annunciation Cathedrals and the jewel of Kremlin -the 81-meter Ivan the Great Bell Tower. 

For another marvelous view of the Red Square, head to the Kremlin embankment. You can see the facade of the main Kremlin palace, framed beautifully by the Moskva River. 

More Red Square sights

Red Square sights views

Cathedral of the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God on Red Square

Red Square sights

 Kazan Cathedral, located at the very corner of the square, is very prominent. It was named after Our Lady of Kazan’s image.  The church houses an icon of the Kazan Mother of God – one of Russia’s most revered saints. The vivid pink Kazan Cathedral is another monument destroyed by Stalin and rebuilt by Mayor Luzhkov.

Visit Moscow GUM

What does GUM mean?

GUM is the soviet acronym for State Universal Store.

You can see the most famous Moscow store’s facade overlooking the Kremlin on the square’s eastern end. One of the Soviet Union’s symbols is still called GUM, but now it’s being rebranded as a luxury shopping mall. It’s full of boutiques and retail outlets located in tiers on both sides of the spacious gallery passage. Designer brands, as well as traditional Russian goods and brands are sold here.

Even if you are not planning on shopping, you should absolutely go in and inhale the Soviet atmosphere. It is very exaggerated and staged, almost like a USSR from a fairy tale movie. Things weren’t looking that pretty in the real Soviet Union.

There is a very cure soviet style restaurant in the middle of GUM on the first floor,a tourist trap that everyone must try. I have a cup of tea or mulled wine every time I come to Moscow. The atmosphere is magical. Additionally, there are small kiosks that look like movie props with sweets and ice cream. For the unique of soviet era-rebranded souvenirs, head to a store named Humpty-Dumpty.You are guaranteed to find some interesting items you won’t meet elsewhere in Moscow. Think beyond Putin-Matrshkas and bears. 

The way I, see it, GUM is a design of something I would call: “if USSR ideas actually worked and the revolutions turned the country into heaven on earth.” 

An absolute must see Red Square sight for your next Moscow visit. 

Visit Lenin Mausoleum on Red Square

It’s not easy to get in. Even though Russians no longer stand in lines to see the world proletariat leader’s body, lines still exist .You will have to go through the metal detector and then follow the rules. There are cameras at every door. You can’t speak. You cannot even whisper. You can’t photograph.

Red square Lenin Mausoleum

Russians no longer line up for hours in front of the mausoleum to pay their respects to the Bolshevik Revolution’s father. Fierce-looking honor guards no longer goose-step in front of the tomb. The Russian Government is looking into reburying Lenin in his S.Petersburg home . Still, Communists and nationalists are strongly opposed to moving him from his top spot.

 Inside the mysterious, red-lighted room, the sight of Lenin in a glass case is awesome and somewhat grotesque. And the solemnity and regimentation that are still imposed on visitors provide a brief insight into how tightly Communism once constricted Russian life.

All about Lenin Mausoleum

Red Square Museums 

the State Historical Museum

The architecture of this grandiose building resembles a fabulous Russian tower. The expositions of the largest national museum in Russia include many unique exhibits (more than 4.5 million) reflecting Russia’s culture and history from ancient times to the present day.

Kremlin is packed with museums. Inside its walls are Armory and Diamond Fund museums

the Annunciation and the Archangel.

Resurrection gate

The passage between the City Duma building and the Historical Museum is connected by the double gates of the Kitaygorodskaya wall; the towers are exquisitely decorated with double-headed eagles rising above. 

You can get to the Red Square from Manezhnaya Square and Revolution Square through the Resurrection Gate, a restored fragment of the Kitaygorodskaya Wall. 

Alexander Garden

The old garden built in the times of Alexander II covers an area of ​​over ten hectares. In this peaceful park,right next to the Red Square, you can find the Great Patriotic War heroes’ monuments. The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, the Eternal Flame is burning. Despite the touristy location this place is one of the locals’ favorites.

 Another attraction is the Central Exhibition Hall (Manege).

Manezhnaya square

Manezhnaya Square, right by Alexander Garden, got its name in honor of the Manezh building. The most interesting sights of the square are the stunningly beautiful complex of fountains and the world-famous Moskva hotel.

Shopping center “Okhotny Ryad”

The Okhotny Ryad underground shopping complex with an elegant impressive glass dome built in the 90s of the last century. On its roof, a monument of Marshall Zhukov in honor of A monument to Marshal Zhukov 50th anniversary of the Great Victory. Today “Okhotny Ryad” is buzzing with more than a hundred boutiques of world brands, many bars, cafes and restaurants.

 guide to red square Moscow

Kitay Gorod

There is a row of churches emerging from nowhere as you walk by. each of them features their trademark onion domes. An

The Old English Court, a 16th-century gift of Ivan the Terrible to visiting English traders. There is also the Museum of Chambers where the Romanovs lived before they became a royal family. Both are open until 6 or 7 p.m., depending on the day.

All Kitay Gorod sights

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