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Red square Lenin Mausoleum

Visiting Lenin’s Mausoleum

If you plan to visit Moscow, you should probably include Lenin’s mausoleum in your program as there is no saying how much longer it will be there.

The debate about the traditional funeral of Lenin has been going on since his death and continues to this day. Many activists consider it inhuman to show off the deceased. Some ask for burial due to political convictions and the end of the Communism era. However, the mummy of the revolution leader is still on display in the middle of Red Square.

If you plan to visit Moscow, you should probably include the mausoleum in your program as there is no saying how much longer it will be there.

How to visit Lenin’s Mausoleum in Moscow

The legends surrounding the mausoleum change over time. Some say that Lenin’s nails and hair are mysteriously growing. Others question its authenticity and emphasize the unnatural “wax” appearance.

Why did they do it to Mr. Lenin?

Almost a century ago, the comrades wanted to preserve the body of the proletariat’s glorified leader. And pay respects. Initially the mausoleum was made of wood. The floor plan is still kept secret. In just one month after Lenin’s death, more than one hundred thousand people visited the mausoleum. It was decided to replace it with a granite building. Since then, millions have visited the mausoleum. 

Actually, the body once did leave the mausoleum. In 1941 Lenin was transported to Siberia due to the potential Nazi occupation.  

Red square Lenin Mausoleum

Preservation of Lenin’s mausoleum

Every eighteen months, Lenin’s body is taken out of the sarcophagus and treated in a bath with chemicals. The temperature and humidity in the tomb have to be just right, so is the lighting. 

There is no admission fee, but opening hours are limited, thus the lines. No one stays in the mausoleum for a long time, so the waiting time is no longer than 30 minutes.

Bulky luggage and bulky bags, drinks and any liquids, photo and video equipment, telephones, and metal objects are prohibited. There is a paid storage room in Alexander Gardens, a few minutes away from the mausoleum. If you manage to bring your camera in and try to photograph Mr. Lenin, your phone will immediately be confiscated.  The phone is allowed in the turned-off mode only. 

Lenin’s mausoleum inside: what is it like

The funeral hall is a cube-shaped room. 10 × 10 × 10 meters size configuration is symbolic – it emphasizes eternity.

The hall is decorated with black marble and red granite stone. The lighting in the hall is dim. It is required for the preservation of the body.

There is a hall with a coffin-sarcophagus at 3 meters underground. The room temperature is always at +16 ° C.

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