Asia5 Best Things You Should Do In Istanbul ,Turkey
Must do things in Istanbul

5 Best Things You Should Do In Istanbul ,Turkey

Best things to do in Istanbul

The wedding of John F.Kennedy and Carolyn Bessette was one of the most important social events of 1996. The final touch to this significant big event was their choice of honeymoon destination. Most socialites of their era and today would choose a Caribbean Island, Maldives, or Paris for this very romantic event.

JFK and his new wife spent their honeymoon in the most romantic and unique city globally in their opinion – Istanbul.

The blazing history of Istanbul can leave the most sophisticated traveler in awe.

Istanbul travel ideas

The great metropolis on the Bosphorus offers so many things for history lovers, art lovers, food junkies, party people, explorers. It took me three visits to Istanbul in 10 years, and I’m just now rounding up my “Must do in Istanbul” list.
Here it is!

1- Eat like a sultan

Turkish cuisine is not famous in the united states.
One of the secrets to Turkish cuisine’s being considered one of the worlds best is its climate. Combined with rich soil produces the best vegetables and fruits. Being surrounded by three sides of the water, Turkish Seafood is so various and vibrant it will impress. How many other countries can say they can feed their people without relying on imports whatsoever?
Istanbul reminds me of one big restaurant. With its streets being the display of all kinds of food for sale. From pomegranates and oranges that get squeezed into a fresh juice right in front of you, fish along Bosphorus banks.

2 – See the modern Istanbul.

The old town carries centuries of history and is the primary thing tourists visit the capital for. Modern Istanbul is not less exciting and maybe even more inspiring. There is a charming and often overlooked contemporary scene that is finally being recognized internationally.

In recent years, the Beyoglu district has been transformed from an erratic junkyard into a center of nightlife and local gatherings.
Cross the Galata Bridge and you will get to Beyoglu. You stand no chance unless you have your walking comfortable shoes on. There is a lot of “hiking” involved – the streets are steep and cobbled.

If you are ready to explore the hip part of Istanbul, you may fine this and this blogs useful

Beyoglu is distinguished for its architecture and artistic community of artists, musicians and writers.This is the most lively part of town where jazz bars flourish and local stores sell paintings, handmade jewelry and antique furniture.

3 – Go back in time at Sultanahmet.

I can hardly name any other cities of the world that would combine as much history as Istanbul. Most of it is concentrated in the Oldtown, where the most significant monuments – Hagia Sophia, Basilica Cistern, Blue Mosque and many others are within walking distance.
Topkapi palace that for centuries has been home to Ottoman sultans can take a whole day to explore, with its harems and museums. There is Hagia Sophia – one of the world’s most significant architectural accomplishments just around the corner. Before heading to the Blue Mosque , which is only on the opposite side of the square, take a few steps northwest to see Basilica Cistern. The structure is a remarkable example of genius Byzantine engineering. I bet that it will impress the most seasoned traveler.

This is the only guide you need to tour Sultanahmet .

4 – Bosphorus Cruise

You can’t leave Istanbul without a cruise on the Bosphorus. And I don’t mean the dinner cruise tourist trap that every hotel will offer you for some $50 to $70 a person. There are many cruising options, from inexpensive ferries to private boats, which carry anywhere from 4 to 40 people. Whichever one you chose (I am reviewing each option in this guide) makes sure you don’t miss seeing the majestic city from the water.
The ferries of the official Turkish Maritime Lines are the most popular and offer the best value. They make three round trips daily from Eminonu to the upper Bosporus, kind of like a hop on a hop-off bus. They stop at several piers where you can see sights along the way.

Which cruise is the best – read here

5 – Get lost at the six-century-old Grand Bazaar.

Shopping in Istanbul is interesting enough to pass as an excursion, especially at the Grand Bazaar.
The market’s greatness hits immediately but takes a minute to sink in: There are obviously endless rows of goods for sale and almost anything you could want. Noisy, crowded and is a labyrinthine horror of baiting salesmen that attack you every step of the way.
Remember the skillful bargainer rule: you never pay more than half the starting price. You might need to pretend you are departing to force the costs down. Go for it – buying goods at the eastern bazaars is an art and a sport itself.
All around the Grand Bazaar many smaller shops have stockpiles of similar goods minus the headache.

Istanbul today is the ultimate hybrid capital, a captivating combination of old and new, Asian and European, a place with options to fit any traveler’s interests and budget.It is overcrowded, loud, filthy and turbulent, but highly moving and dramatic.

I believe that you can travel the world without quitting your job. I believe that you can experience all the magic, the foodies and the cultures of the world while having a normal life. And, perhaps, two dogs. This is exactly what I’ve been doing for 15 years. This is exactly what my blog is about. Love, Lilia

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