Budapest Travel Guide
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Budapest Travel Tips

If you are planning on taking a trip to Hungary’s capital , here are the basic Budapest travel tips and things you should know before

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Key Lime Pie
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What is Key Lime Pie and How to Make It PROPERLY

The Key Lime pie didn’t become Florida’s flagship dessert until the 1950s, but it’s now synonymous with the State’s identity and pride of the Keys.

Lemon and lime pies have been around for centuries. A rustic version of the modern lime pie could have been enjoyed even by the Ancient Greeks.

More recently, you can find records of meringue-topped lime pies in Switzerland sometime in the early 19th century, and they came to be quite popular. 

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Costa Rica coffee farm tour
Central America
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Costa Rica Coffee Farm : My Travel Experience

The best Costa Rican coffee comes from plantations in the Central Valley, from Monteverde to San José. There are many family-owned coffee farms in this region, producing high-quality coffee with unique flavor profiles. Costa Rican coffee is the superior Arabica variety. While the unique microclimate on each farm affects the coffee’s specific flavor, Costa Rican coffees tend to be round and balanced, with notes of citrus, tropical fruits, and apricot, and a hint of brown sugar sweetness.

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