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Honduras White Water Rafting : Rio Cangrejal Adventure

The white-water rafting trip will include a hike through colossal rocks and cliff jumping opportunities that offer great views and exhilarating fun. If the water is down, many of the guides will allow you and guide you through “body rafting,” which is where you’ll go through the rapids by floating through them and riding the waves on your body, which is adrenaline inducing to say the least.

Travel Guide to Honduras

Honduras is one of the most dangerous countries in the world. San Pedro Sula , the capital of Honduras has the highest crime rate for a city that isn’t located within a war zone. That usually isn’t the best way to start a travel article, but you must be aware of these things going into your trip and planning, because the most important item to remember when you’re traveling is how you can do so and remain safe.

Fun Things to Do in Utila Besides Diving

The vibe of Utila is rough, rugged, partying, and relaxing, but also mixed with incredible natural beauty and cultural flavor. Have picnic at uninhabited island . Take a relaxing kayak ride into the Mangrove Channel.Tour the Dive Bars .Snorkel and explore the colorful coral reefs .

Visiting Copan Ruinas,Honduras : Complete Travel Guide

This place strikes terror in the hearts of local people .The ruins of Copan retain a sense of mystery and mysticism.When you set foot in these ruins, you’ll feel as if you’re rediscovering a primeval civilization.Making your way through the ruins, you’ll discover dozens of ancient artifacts, including ritual accessories .Even if you’ve visited every other set of Mayan ruins in Central America, your experience will be incomplete until you’ve made a stop at the Copan ruins.