FloridaA Local’s Guide To Best Brunch In South Beach
best brunch spots in South Beach

A Local’s Guide To Best Brunch In South Beach

South Beach was made for brunch. This is how I want to start this best brunch in Miami beach guide.

Brunch is the absolute best meal of the week. Especially when you are vacationing in Miami Beach.
Whether it’s a bloody mary, mimosa, or straight-up beer, brunch is the only meal where it’s socially acceptable – no, encouraged – to day drink. In fact, many brunch spots have brunch cocktail menus for this very reason.

So if you’re nursing a hangover, brunch is your best bet. The later start time means you can sleep a bit and hopefully sweat out some of last night’s debauchery. And the booze will help take the edge off – just don’t go too crazy, or you’ll be right back where you started.

Best bottomless brunch in South Beach


1111 Lincoln Rd

For a South Beach bottomless brunch that’s truly worthy of its postcard-perfect setting, Juvia is the iconic brunch spot in Miami Beach. This stunning restaurant, located on the rooftop of the iconic 1111 Lincoln Road building, offers a harmonious blend of French, Japanese and Peruvian cuisine. Start with bottomless cocktails like Aperol spritz or prosecco before tucking into an inventive appetizer like ceviche carretillero with white fish, crispy calamari and red onions. Then, move on to main courses like dirty rice with shrimp, chicken and sausage or Wagyu beef tartare. With its breathtaking surroundings and awe-inspiring menu, Juvia is sure to make your South Beach brunch an unforgettable experience.


825 Washington Ave

Looking for the ultimate South Beach bottomless brunch experience? Look no further than Limonada Bar + Brunch. Located next to the Clinton Hotel in South Beach, Limonada Bar + Brunch offers classic cocktails, an all-day brunch menu, happy hour specials, drinking games, live music, and more. With a modern interpretation of traditional American and Mexican fare, there’s something for everyone on the menu.

And if you’re looking to make some new friends during your vacation, you can do so by playing one of the many drinking games. Shake for Shots, Beat the Glass, and the Wheel of Fortune are just a few of the games this hot brunch spot offers. So come on down to Limonada Bar + Brunch and create some vacation memories that will last a lifetime.

Brunch menu highlights:

  • Dulce de leche pancakes
  • Short rib sandwich

Wilde on the porch

1700 Collins Ave

Are you ready for a real boozy South Beach brunch? This South Beach brunch spot offers delicious American cuisine, bottomless mimosas, and a live DJ every weekend. Whether you’re looking for chicken and waffles, steak and eggs, or something in between, Wide on the Porch has you covered. And they’ve got bottomless mimosas and sangrias to wash it all down.

Bruch Menu highlights:

  • Passion fruit ceviche
  • Tuna poke nachos

FL Cafe South Beach

1360 Collins Ave.

This is a charming and probably the most affordable brunch place in South Beach (if such thing even exist)

With continental breakfast for only $6.50( before 11 am) you just can’t go wrong.

FL Cafe South Beach offers an interesting American-French- Italian fusion and, amazon bottomless brunches.Chef Jose’s South Beach brunch options are not to be missed – from classic eggs Benedicts to delicious Cuban-style dishes, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Affordable-bottomless-cute-perfectly located brunch spot with great service- what more could you ask for?So next time you’re looking for a leisurely brunch option in South Beach, be sure to check out FL Cafe.

Classic Brunch in South Beach

A la Folie

516 Española Way

A la Folie is sut that… classic. Not only because it’s been around for almost 2 decades (and that’s a lot for South Beach)

It’s a local’s a visitor’s classic favorite breakfast and brunch place. A la Folie is the south beach French cafe that serves the kind of old-fashioned French fare that expatriate American artistes of the 1920s ate in the home-away-from-home Parisian cafés they frequented. And today’s starving South Beach artists can eat the same at this tiny, informal, and authentic-feeling French creperie-plus run by expatriates from Toulouse.

Try the tasty buckwheat Dijonnaise crepe (chicken and potatoes in mustard cream sauce), followed by a sweet sugar/lemon juice dessert crepe topped with whipped cream. And the substantial “total” (ham, egg, mushrooms, and cheese) really is a complete crepe-wrapped breakfast. When you’re done savoring your meal, be sure to stroll around and enjoy original Tropical Deco architecture and tropical chilled vibes!

Upscale Brunch in South Beach

Yardbird’s Southern Table & Bar

1600 Lenox Ave

Comfort food with a luxurious twist

Yardbird’s Southern Table & Bar is a great place to enjoy a delicious and memorable brunch. With a hand-pressed juice such as the Carotene Kicker, Yardbird pays tribute to the craveable American classics that bring people together.

The expansive menu features Southern delicacies that will tantalize your taste buds. You can also enjoy a curated cocktail program highlighting a dynamic collection of bourbons. Yardbird takes guests on a culinary journey through a menu of unapologetically indulgent dishes and heady bourbon cocktails. Serving up nationally acclaimed comfort food for more than a decade, it’s no secret our restaurant has garnered global fanfare. If you are in South Beach, be sure to check out Yardbird and indulge in a delicious brunch !

Brunch Menu Highlights:

  • Maine Lobster Benedict
  • Smoked Brisket Biscuits
  • Strawberry Peach Cobbler

Fuego y Mar at the Ritz-Carlton South Beach

1 Lincoln Rd

Fuego y Mar, at the Ritz-Carlton South Beach, is known as the best South Beach brunch spot among the locals. There is a debate whether it’s the most overpriced brunch restaurant in South Beach or totally worth it. I can only tell you one thing- you need to check it out and find out for yourself.
What makes it the best and the priciest brunch spot in Miami Beach?
With its excellent location and views of the pool and white sands of Miami Beach, it is the perfect place to unwind and relax. The restaurant offers a variety of Latin American-inspired dishes with fresh, simple ingredients. The menu has it all – from steaks to oysters, sushi, and a ton of vegan options. With its outstanding selection of food and drink, Fuego y Mar is the perfect place to spend your Sunday brunch.

In conclusion

Miami is a city that is constantly evolving. New hotels, restaurants, and attractions seem to pop up every day. With so much to see and do, knowing where to start when planning a trip can be difficult. That’s why I’ve put together this best brunch in South Beach guide . Whether you’re looking for a luxurious rooftop brunch in Miami Beach or a bottomless mimosas brunch or a casual, budget-friendly brunch option in South Beach – this guide will help you find the perfect brunch spot.

Looking for a South Beach weekend itinerary? Check out this blog post!

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I believe that you can travel the world without quitting your job. I believe that you can experience all the magic, the foodies and the cultures of the world while having a normal life. And, perhaps, two dogs. This is exactly what I’ve been doing for 15 years. This is exactly what my blog is about. Love, Lilia

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