AfricaVisiting Dades Gorge, Morocco :One of the World’s Most Scenic Roads
Dades Gorge Morocco travel

Visiting Dades Gorge, Morocco :One of the World’s Most Scenic Roads

What is Dades Gorge?

It’s a gorge carved out by the Dadès River in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco.

The road to the magnificent Middle-Atlas Mountains, an incredible backdrop for our adventure. Everywhere around were stunning sights – terraced farms, demure apple orchards and most impressive of all, majestic forests of cedars. Gleaming green and deep red against a vivid blue sky, they made us catch our breath in awe. Even the humble but charming Berber houses stood distinct with their low doors nestled on the hillside. Who knows what kind of captivating surprises waited for us deeper into this paradise!

Dades Gorge – One of the most scenic roads in the world

What makes it one of the most scenic roads in the world?
A very particular rock formation, dramatic dusty rose color, and an additional embellishment by kasbahs (fortified Moroccan cities) along the route.

Dades Gorge Morocco travel
Red Marcian-like landscapes an immense high.

Driving just some 13 inches from the abyss is not for the faint of heart. There are no guard rails at the edge and there is absolutely no room for error.

Dades Gorge Views

The dramatic views of surreal natural beauty will make every minute of your zig sawing drive worth it. If you want to go off the beaten path and drive the Dades Gorge route, you should 1)think twice, 2)don’t do it at night 3) don’t even think about it if you are prone to car sickness.
This road is considered to be the top 5 most dangerous roads in the world.

With walls reaching over 400m in some spots, Dades Gorge is a jaw-dropping limestone canyon formed by the river. Narrow roads, dramatic landscapes, and everything look just like a movie—no wonder this area is so loved by many film directors.
The canyon seems to be endless and out of this world.

It is possible to rent a car and visit Dades Gorge as part of your road trip, but pick the season wisely for safety reasons.

One of the world’s roses’ capitals, the famous Dades Valley, turns into one big garden in May.

Dades Gorges Morocco tour

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