EcuadorStaying in Ecuadorian Hacienda: What it’s Like
staying at hacienda in Ecuador

Staying in Ecuadorian Hacienda: What it’s Like

Staying at an original 1900s hacienda in Ecuador was truly a one-of-a-kind experience! I was both enchanted and mesmerized by the lush green valleys and volcanoes that surrounded me, with llamas, horses, and cows out in the wild pasturing. But if that wasn’t enough fun, horseback riding is included with the accommodation – how amazing!?

Why stay at an hacienda when traveling to Ecuador?

If the idea of a cozy night tucked away in the Ecuadorian Andes has been an itch you just can’t scratch, well then prepare to meet some serious serenity. Amongst lush mountains, sandy deserts, and vibrant cities lies an opportunity to stay in one of the luxurious haciendas that dot the country. These 16th century farming houses have been carefully updated to provide a truly unique stay, with everything the modern traveler could desire in their slice of paradise – think four-poster beds, picture-perfect views, and locally made cuisine.

staying at hacienda in Ecuador

A hacienda stay in Ecuador is an experience we can’t miss out on – no matter how short a visit! From the alpaca blankets that keep you warm to the picturesque landscape unspooling before your eyes, it’s like entering a whole new world from your doorstep. You won’t find a more unique place to rest your head while taking in everything that Ecuador has to offer.

Things to do in Ecuadorian hacienda

Exploring Ecuador’s stunning landscape on the back of a trusty steed might sound like something out of an old Western movie. Still, it’s actually been done that way here since 1534! The local horsemanship tradition is most apparent in the Sierra region where the haciendas – colorful, whitewashed estates – are occupied by chagras, or spirited Ecuadorean cowboys.

Horseback riding

Horseback riding in Ecuador is a fantastic way to experience all of the breathtaking beauty that this remarkable country has to offer. You can take in majestic and imposing Andean Highland landscapes or gallop across pristine coastlines – both of which will provide you with an opportunity to see some unforgettable sights and marvel at the oppulence of nature. Ecuador also offers a variety of other incredible terrain; from lush jungle and wide open desert, to volcanoes, lakes and warm valleys – as well as culturally enriching areas – that you can explore on horseback.

Ecuador really packs in the sights with its horseback riding experiences. You can go on a three-hour jaunt, or a much longer riding expedition if you feel like taking your time to truly appreciate all the splendour of the Ecuadorian Andes. This is one way to literally get to the heart of the Ecuadorian Andes and discover their inherent beauty. Best of all, you can make use of those majestic mountains for more than just horseback rides – why not take a hike or do some sightseeing while you’re at it? In short, getting around by horseback in Ecuador offers great rewards as well as some pretty spectacular views!

Riding level

If ever you find yourself yearning to ride off into the sunset, while having visions of your own personal western movie, there is no need to worry because horseback riding tours are available for everyone. One’s skill level does not determine if they can hit the trail or not – all you need is a desire for adventure and some self-awareness! Just know that if you’re new to riding, a multi-day trek won’t just give you chaps in hindsight – your backside might be feeling more than a “stirrup sore” after that extended stay in the saddle!

Historical haciendas still have that old-world charm, even with many of them reduced in size to only the house and surrounding area after centuries of land reform. They were built centuries ago by Spanish settlers who received large gifts of land from governments, creating expansive farms and utilizing the local indigenous population as labor.

To this day, many structural elements remain on these original properties in varying states of disrepair – from large stonework walls to intricate gardens and towering trees lining spooky driveways. While the work has been both a blessing and curse for the families who lived on these estates, it continues to be an incredible draw for tourists wanting an authentic taste of what conquering a new land was like in its heyday.

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