BeachesA Solo Traveler’s Guide to Miami: Amazing Things To Do Alone
Miami solo travel guide

A Solo Traveler’s Guide to Miami: Amazing Things To Do Alone

Miami is known as a party destination and tropical paradise; you may be wondering- is it a good idea to travel to Miami solo?

Won’t it feel a bit strange to be in a tropical paradise surrounded by couples, families and tour groups looking for Versace mansion on Ocean drive?
How will I get sunscreen to the middle of my back?
Is there anything to do in Miami alone?

Let me give you a local’s perspective and share the best things (as well as all the where-when-hows) about solo vacation bliss in Miami.

Here are the main reasons why Miami is great place for solo travel:

It’s walkable

Every walkable city is an excellent destination for solo travelers. In Miami Beach, you can (and should!) walk or bike everywhere. You can be in total control of where you are going and when.

Nighttime entertainment

There are plenty of nighttime activities. And I’m not talking about clubbing. Malls are open late, so are the movie theaters and street shows. You don’t have to lock yourself in the hotel room after the sun is down. Doesn’t it make solo travel more enjoyable?

You won’t be the only one traveling/going out solo.

While Miami might now be the hottest solo travel destination on the planet, you won’t get the “omg, everyone is staring at me” feeling. Nor will you feel lonely at least because there are plenty of people and residents who would be doing solo traveler-friendly activities too!

It’s safe

I believe that almost every place on earth is safe to travel to as long as you use common sense. Miami, in this matter, might be safer than other cities due to police presence. Everywhere. At all times.

So, what are the best things to do in Miami on your own

Take a guided tour

From Art Deco guided tours to hop on hop off, you can find plenty of fun and affordable tours in South Beach. Whatever your pace is. Some of the most unusual tours are 

Miami Vice tour

Gangster tour

Any bike art deco tour 

These are all great ways to see the city from a different angle and are a perfect fit for solo travelers. 

Parks and Gardens

Parks in Miami are the epicenters of action more often than not.

There’s yoga in the park
Work out in the park
Movies in the park
Concerts in the Park
Sunset celebrations…in the park.

Watch free movies in Soundscape park every Wednesday, October- March. Bring a blanket, or a towel, sip your favorite bevvy and watch a movie under the stars and the palms.
It’s great for couples, families or solo travelers. And it’s one of my favorite things to do in South Beach.

Classic music festival or concert in the park -is a new city initiative to bring classical music to Ocean Drive every Sunday night. Bring a blanket and chill under the palms – Ocean Drive madness and neon lights on the one side, classical music on the other side. Bliss.

Shopping and…Vintage shopping!

Whether you are shopping for souvenir goodies, designer clothes, bargains, or vintage finds, Miami is a great shopping destination.
Head to Lincoln road mall – the street is full of stores like Zara, Guess, H&M, and J Crew for a chilled shopping stroll.
For designer finds – MidTown and the design district is the place
Lincoln road holds a vintage market every month. And there are many great vintage hot spots around the city.
TJMaxx and Marshalls carry high-end designer items- I’ve only seen such a great selection in a few stores. If you are looking for great bargain shopping in Miami – that’s the place.


There is no shortage of shows in Miami.
Whether you are traveling to Miami in winter or summer, weekday or weekend, there will be a show. Symphony, musicals, festivals, concerts- you name it.My favorite shows in Miami (that you can find regularly) are Faena hotel cabaret.

Your own food tour.

Miami is one of the hottest foodie destinations in the country. And there are countless food guides written on the topic. Pick one- I recommend my Miami foodie guide- of course- and take your beautiful self out for a bite.


If there is one and, perhaps, the best thing s to do solo in Miami is beach time. Turn on your favorite audiobook. Or bring a journal. Or just look at the ocean waves. Beach time solo is the most recharging time.

Miami solo travel guide

A couple of beach tips for solo travelers:

Go early.
Beach in the morning and Beach after 11 am are two different beaches.
In the morning, it's the most peaceful, powerful place in south Florida. Almost empty and so serene. With maybe a couple of locals doing yoga and joggers. The sun is just right. 
The sound is just right. 
Sometime after noon, party people(the ones with speakers playing super loud tunes), families and mass tourists take over and it's just not quite as enjoyable. Better put, it's a different vibe.
Spray sunscreen is your best friend to address the "how will I get the sunscreen in the middle of my back" question.
At the beach entrance, there are some hanging lockers where you can leave your valuables, or, if you are staying nearby, leave all your valuables at the hotel.
I usually just bring a towel and a water flask for a morning beach session. Believe it or not, it's a healing feeling not to be checking your email or social media for an hour or two.

Is it safe to travel to Miami solo?

The world is not nearly as dangerous as we think it to be. Use common sense. Don’t wander around in a mini skirt after midnight. Don’t be rude.
Everything else is overkill.
I traveled the world solo for the most part for almost two decades. Only relying on these basic rules.
Never had an itinerary.
Never got into trouble.

Should you travel to Miami solo?

If you wonder whether you should be traveling to Miami solo, the answer is a resounding YES! Most of the city’s best attractions can be enjoyed solo.

Enjoyed reading this Miami solo travel guide to the best things to do in Miami on your own?

Share it- pin it- comment on it! 

I believe that you can travel the world without quitting your job. I believe that you can experience all the magic, the foodies and the cultures of the world while having a normal life. And, perhaps, two dogs. This is exactly what I’ve been doing for 15 years. This is exactly what my blog is about. Love, Lilia

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