Ecuador3 Day Ecuador Horseback Ride: My Unforgettable Experience
Ecuador Andese horseback ride

3 Day Ecuador Horseback Ride: My Unforgettable Experience

Horseback riding in Ecuador was on my bucket list for a white. Being able to traverse such an amazing landscape atop our four-legged companions truly felt like we were setting off on an epic quest. From the western to eastern reaches of the Andes, we were enthralled by all the colours, wildlife and terrains that made up this glorious range. And if that weren’t enough for me to rave about, there was, of course, Cotopaxi – the highest active volcano on earth – gracing us with its breathtaking appearance throughout our journey.

Why you should take a horseback trip/tour in Ecuador?

Horseback riding in Ecuador is the best way to truly appreciate the immense beauty and incredible variety of landscapes this country has to offer. Take a horseback ride through the breathtaking mountain scenes, meander through gloomy jungles and explore hidden valleys that glitter with warmth. Roam along desert plains, dip into with icy cold heights or simply wander around majestic volcanoes and glittering lakes – horseback riding really does have it all! And with so much culture on offer you won’t know where to start – but horseback riding gives you the perfect opportunity to explore this unique land in an unforgettable way.

Horseback riding in Ecuador: what’s the story?

Horse riding in Ecuador is as old as the Spanish conquistadores who began towing horses in 1534. Goodbye llamas and alpacas! It’s saddles and steeds now! In modern day, horse riding has its place in haciendas – Ecuadorian farms of all sizes. Some prefer trotting down memory lane and use the trusty stallions for transport. Others have galloped past that, providing rides to the adventurous at heart or fancy dressage competitions on high-end stables!

Day oneHaciendas

The first day of my Andean horse trek was filled with taking in all the sights around me. From the majestic, towering mountains to the rolling hills and valleys, the scenery was undeniably stunning. My horse and I explored the nearby Haciendas and trails, getting used to one another before starting a longer journey.

As I took in the lush green views and rode around the haciendas and mountains, I felt as if I had stepped into a Milka chocolate commercial. The vast array of exotic plants and flowers hinted at beauty unlike any other. The elevation of nearly 10,000 ft only made the sky feel more innocent and blue, with an intensely beautiful light.

But meandering through this landscape’s true charm shone in the emerald green fields display with a backdrop of snow-covered Cotopaxi – unforgettable!

This marked the kick-off of our foray into high altitude terrains! After basking in nature’s beauty, we refueled with delicious lunch at a quaint Hacienda house, explored their milking barn and aging cheese cave, before settling in at the cozy fireplace for some much needed warmth. Certainly a picture perfect way to start our ride!

Day Two – Viudita

We set out on a journey with Viudita and Atacazo that was literally destined for heights! It was quite an experience to watch the horses conquer the steep hill and make us reach the top of Viudita. Once we got there, the views were like something straight out of a postcard – hundreds of plants and flowers covering the landscape as far as my eye could see!

It felt surreal, almost like we were in its own bubble. On our way back, a canter down the valley felt simply magical – what a great day!

Cart As I sat atop my horse, admiring the lush forest around me, I thought, who knew horses could moonlight as mountain goats?

Day Three – Corazon

Galloping through an infinite sea of flowers with the majestic snow capped mountains in the distance made me feel as if I were travelling in a vivid dream. I remember thinking to myself, what magical realm did I stumble into?It wasn’t anything that had been on my bucket list, but in hindsight, this moment was definitely deserving of being listed. From the warmth of the sun’s rays and a cool breeze to the euphony from the birds singing nearby – it was one unforgettable travel moment that I’d love to relive again and again!

Ecuador Andese horseback ride
I had a trusty steed who galloped me effortlessly through forests and fields of potatoes, volcanoes and Pre-Inca sights.
Gliding through the swaying and fragrant flower field was like a dream.

As the horse trotted along, my sight couldn’t help to admire the strikingly gorgeous panorama of Ecuadorian paramos – vibrant green pastures, majestic snow peaks and rolling hills. Despite the seemingly rough terrain, I was blessed with an unexpected smooth ride due to the geography which allowed us to cruise through trails without a fuss. Every twist in the trail delighted me with a new perspective of the breathtaking Ecuadorian highlands. Not to mention there wasn’t another soul in sight which made the blissful tranquility all the more worthwhile.

From galloping through forest and endless potatoes fields to riding into volcanoes and valleys, this journey had it all.

The most special part was observing pre-Inca archaeological sites in their original style – that’s certainly something that would be hard to experience elsewhere.

Is horseback riding in Ecuador worth it?

Riding a horse in the Andes can be an amazing experience, providing an unforgettable glimpse into the wonder and grandeur of the region. Picture yourself atop a powerful steed galloping through gorgeous valleys, with only the sound of your horse’s pounding hooves for music.

An escape from reality and total pleasure—that’s what this glorious ride will bring to you! If that’s not enough to convince you, know that you’ll get to explore places inaccessible on foot or by any other convenient transportation option. This majestic ride is your chance to feel liberated, seeing endless mountains go by as if in a dream. Horseback riding in Ecuadorian Andes is 100% worth it and if you are visiting Ecuador you should absolutely try it! That’s what you get when riding through Ecuador—a unique and eye-opening opportunity that will stay with you long after your trip has ended!

My Ecuadorian horseback riding experience

My three day horse trek in Ecuador was an unforgettable adventure – and, to be completely honest, I’m still sore from it! No cars, no buses – a horse was my sole source of transportation as I explored the majestic Andes from east to west. It really felt like being thrown back in time. As I made my way through the windy trails and winding paths, all the while getting a taste of the stunning diversity of flora, fauna and landscape, I couldn’t help but feel that I had unearthed something truly special and unique.

Andes horseback riding packing list:

Even if temperatures may reach a balmy 65 degrees during the day, they have a tendency to drop some 40 degrees at night… so make sure you come prepared!

Andes Horseback Riding Packing List:

• Cotton or wool long sleeved shirts will keep you warm and comfortable.

.• A heavy wool or fleece sweater or vest is a must – layered over light-weight thermal underwear for extra insulation from chilly temperatures
• Keep yourself dry with an insulated or Gore-Tex parka for the rain and wind – and don’t forget a pair of warm wool trousers.
• To protect your hands, opt for waterproof wool gloves for extra protection against dampness.
• Wool or polypropylene socks tucked into lightweight hiking boots will provide comfort during long days of riding.

• Lastly, make sure to bring sun-blocking lotions rated +30, with an additional lipstick ointment as a precaution against harsh sunlight.

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