Central AmericaGranada, Nicaragua: A Perfect Travel Guide with 10 Must-Do Activities
Granada, Nicaragua: A Perfect Travel Guide with Top Things to Do

Granada, Nicaragua: A Perfect Travel Guide with 10 Must-Do Activities

Granada, Nicaragua is the underdog of travel destinations, and if you’re scratching your head wondering why you’ve never popped this gem on your must-visit bucket list, you’re not alone.

Why Granada, Nicaragua is an underrated destination

First off, picture this: a stunning colonial city that seems to have hit the pause button on modern hectic life, where chilling in a café while the sun sets is an actual evening plan. Granada is Nicaragua’s little slice of history, charm, and laid-back vibes, draped elegantly beside Lake Nicaragua with a backdrop that’ll have your camera working overtime – we’re talking about a lush volcano peeping over the city like a gentle giant.

And if you’re wondering why UNESCO hasn’t slapped its world heritage stamp on this beauty, join the club.

Granada: That Bit of History

First off, Granada is ancient. Like, really ancient. It’s the oldest colonial city in Central America, and boy, does it wear its age well! The place is draped in history, from its cobblestone streets to its colorful facades. And the vibe? Imagine the most laid-back, tranquil small town where everyone’s always ready with a smile. That’s Granada for you.

Best things to do in Granada, Nicaragua

The Colorful Streets of Calle La Calzada

Start your Granadian adventure on Calle La Calzada, the heart and soul of the city’s social life. It’s where the city comes alive with energetic street performers, inviting cafes, and that undeniable buzz of excitement. Perfect for your Insta, by the way! This street is the life of Granada’s party! Picture this: a vibrant mix of restaurants and cafes, where the price tags range from “steal” to “splurge”, and the vibe goes from “cozy European alley” to “fiesta central” as night falls. Street performers, twinkling lights, and that infectious energy? That’s La Calzada for you.

Granada Cathedral

You can’t miss this – it’s that big, beautiful, yellow building that seems to watch over the city. Climb up to the bell tower for breathtaking views. It’s like the city is giving you a big, warm hug.

The VIP View from Guadalupe Church

Trust me on this one – huffing and puffing your way up the steep, spirally adventure to the Guadalupe Church’s observation deck is worth every step. Once you catch your breath (and your heart stops racing), you’ll be rewarded with a view that’s nothing short of epic. Time it right for sunset, and you might just have one of those “is this real life?” moments.

Mercado Municipal

Wanna taste Granada? Then, the local market is where it’s at. It’s loud, it’s lively, and it’s full of flavors waiting to explode in your mouth. Just follow your nose!


For all the chocoholics out there (c’mon, who isn’t?), this is where you get to live your sweetest dreams. Learn about chocolate making from bean to bar, and yes, there’s plenty of tasting involved. Heaven is real, folks!

Fortaleza La Polvora

History buffs, this one’s for you. This fort is a trip back in time with its military history and architecture. The view from the top? Absolutely worth the climb.

Spanish Lessons With a Side of Adventure

If you’ve been telling everyone who’ll listen that you’re going to learn Spanish “someday,” Granada might just be your place. The city is sprinkled with language schools that offer lessons on the cheap. Plus, hanging out with other global souls who are there to learn (and maybe a tad bit to party) means you’ve got the perfect excuse to extend your stay. Just make sure to do a little homework on the school to ensure you’re getting the good stuff.

Exploring Beyond Granada

Got more time? Mombacho Volcano is calling. Just 10 km from Granada and accessible by those big yellow buses from the market. Tip: remind your driver about your volcano quest; the stop’s easy to miss.

Granada, Nicaragua, isn’t just a place; it’s a vibe. A delicious mash-up of history, culture, and laid-back tropical living. Whether it’s for a day or longer, Granada promises adventures that hit differently. And who knows? Maybe by the end of your trip, you’ll be a little more Nicaraguan at heart.

Ready to explore Granada and make some memories? Don’t wait too long – adventure, after all, is best served now!

Masaya Volcano National Park

A short drive from Granada takes you to a place where the earth breathes – the Masaya Volcano. Night tours are the bomb – where else can you see glowing lava under a blanket of stars?

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