Central AmericaMy 2-Day Trek Across El Hoyo, Cerro Negro, and Asososca Volcanos

My 2-Day Trek Across El Hoyo, Cerro Negro, and Asososca Volcanos

Hiking El Hoyo, Cerro Negro, and Asososca: 3 Volcanoes in 2 Days!

When I signed up for the Quetzaltrekkers’ hike of El Hoyo, Cerro Negro, and Asososca, I knew I was in for an adventure. Little did I realize that this two-day trek would push my limits, leave me breathless (in more ways than one), and give me memories to cherish forever. Here’s how it all went down.

Day 1: Conquering Cerro Negro

Our journey began with a one-hour drive from León, Nicaragua, to our starting point, the ranger station nestled between Cerro Negro and the Las Pilas-El Hoyo complex. With our overnight packs safely stashed at the station, we embarked on a moderate 45-minute climb to the crater of Cerro Negro.

As we reached the summit, the cool breeze was a welcome relief. The views were nothing short of spectacular – the Maribios volcano range stretched out before us, with the plains of northern Nicaragua and the Pacific Ocean in the distance. But the real fun was about to begin.

Volcano boarding down Cerro Negro is an experience like no other. After a quick safety demonstration, we donned our brightly-colored suits and prepared for the exhilarating descent. Flying down those black sand slopes at breakneck speed is something I’ll never forget.

Back at the ranger station, we refueled with a snack before tackling the next challenge: the steep ascent of the Las Pilas-El Hoyo volcanic complex. This hike was grueling, even for the non-smokers in our group. But as we approached El Hoyo, the effort paid off.

Camping by “The Hole” El Hoyo Hike

Out of nowhere, we stumbled upon “the Hole” – a mysterious giant sinkhole where we set up camp for the night. After pitching our tents, we took time to explore. The Hole itself was fascinating, but the nearby steaming sulfur vent added an eerie touch to the landscape.

Spending the night next to an active volcano was nothing short of magical. Our group was small – just four trekkers and two guides – making it feel like we had the world to ourselves. With a panoramic view over Lake Managua, Momotombo, and Lake Asososca, it was like having front-row seats to nature’s most jaw-dropping show.

Dinner was a cozy affair back at camp, with our guides whipping up a delicious pasta dish. We enjoyed our meal around a campfire, sharing stories and marveling at the incredible surroundings. It was a night to remember, feeling truly on top of the world.

Day 2: Sunrise and the Descent to Asososca

Waking up to a sunrise from the top of El Hoyo was otherworldly. Surrounded by clouds and with an out-of-this-world view, we had a quick breakfast before beginning our descent to Asososca. The climb might have been over, but the magic was far from done.

We made our way down through jungle and farmland, the anticipation building for what lay ahead. After a long morning of hiking, we finally reached the crater lake of Volcán Asososca. Lunch by the lake followed by a refreshing swim was the perfect reward for our efforts.

The final stretch was a short 15-minute hike uphill before we jumped into our van and headed back to León.

A Few Words of Caution

Be warned – this is a challenging hike demanding a good degree of fitness and some hiking experience. Make sure you’re up for the challenge to ensure everyone has a great time.

Remember, by joining this trek, you’re also supporting a fantastic cause. Quetzaltrekkers is a non-profit organization, and all proceeds from this trek go to their scholarship fund, giving at-risk youths in León a chance to attend school. Your adventure helps make a difference.

If you’re ready to push your limits, embrace the thrill, and make memories that’ll last a lifetime, this three-volcano trek is calling your name. Pack your bags, lace up your boots, and get ready to hike El Hoyo, Cerro Negro, and Asososca – it’s an adventure you won’t regret.

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