EuropeIceland Black Beach : Reynisfjara and the Road to Vik
Iceland Black Beach

Iceland Black Beach : Reynisfjara and the Road to Vik

This is the most famous black beach in Iceland and this is because it is easily accessible and it offers magnificent views.

How to Visit Reynisfjara : Iceland’s Black Beach

Iceland is a magnificent country and it covered in snow and ice while the underground tells a different story as it is among the most volcanic regions in the world. You will not find a country that is as packed with mind-blowing landscapes like Iceland. You will surely be attracted by the beauty of the country while you will be glued to the country due to its diversity. There are varieties of attractions that you can explore in the city and some of them are listed below.

How to Visit Reynisfjara : Iceland’s Black Beach

A day trip from Reykjavik: Vik and Reynisfjara

This is the most famous black beach in Iceland and this is because it is easily accessible and it offers magnificent views. Even if you have not familiar with the name of this beach, you would have heard about the popular basalt columns. If you are looking for columnar basalt located on a black beach in Iceland, then this beach is the perfect place to go. The beach is situated on the south coast of the country and it is about 2.5 hours away from Reykjavik. The black beach is a perfect day trip from Reykjavik and there are a plethora of tour groups in Iceland that stops here if you are exploring the south coast. The beach is among the busiest beaches in Iceland due to its easy accessibility and popularity. The beach is also among the most dangerous beaches in Iceland and it is best if you can follow the rules while exploring the beach. 

How to get to Reynisfjara Black Beach

You can simply put the name of the beach in your GPS and you will be directed right to the beach. You are going to find the road that leads to the beach off Highway 1 and it can be found on top of a hill. Once you get to the bottom of the hill or when you get to the town of Vik, you will then turn around and head back. You are going to find a sign with the name of the beach on it and you should ensure you trust your GPS and keep an eye on the road so as to see the signs.

How to get to VIK, Iceland

This is the southernmost village in Iceland and can be found 110km from Reykjavik and it is located south of Katla volcano located beneath the Myrdalsjokull glacier. The village is a popular stop along the South Coast of Iceland and it features excellent restaurants and all the basic services that you might need from supermarket to gas station. The village is also located just within walking distance of the black sand beach and it is also not far from a plethora of mesmerizing attractions that you can visit. The village has a mild climate and this is because the surrounding mountains help in providing shelter from the wind. You are going to find a large Arctic Tern colony in the East of Vik and you will find Mt. Reynisfjall in the west of the village where you will find varieties of bird species like Puffin, Auk, Fulmar, and Kittiwake. 

The village is situated as an active volcanic area before the powerful Katla nests on a nearby glacier. Vik is also a crucial place to visit in this area of Iceland and it is surrounded by shops, restaurants, and accommodations that you can explore while enjoying mesmerizing views. There are varieties of tours that travel through South Iceland that relax at this village where you will get the chance to explore this mesmerizing and welcoming village. The village has 300 inhabitants which make it be the largest settlement in the area.

How to get to Vik

Vik can be found on the coast in South Iceland and it is about 179km from Reykjavik and it is 142m from Hveragerdi while it is about 129km from Selfoss. All you will need to do is to drive towards Highway 1 in the southern direction If you are traveling in the eastern direction, you can visit Egilsstadir, Hofn, and Jokulsarlon which are 448km, 272km, and 192km respectively. More details on transportation .

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