Central AmericaA Magical Day at Hobbitenango: Best Things to Do
Hobbitenango Hand Guatemala

A Magical Day at Hobbitenango: Best Things to Do

‘Hobbitenango’ has done the leg work for us! Founded in 2016, Hobbitenango is not only a Lord of The Rings fans paradise (with actual Hobbit holes on site) but also THE go-to for anyone looking to unplug and unwind in their own private eco-paradise. With solar and wind power lighting up your day (and night), and breathtaking views of pacific volcanoes such as Acatenango or Pacaya, the incredible team at Hobbitenango are inviting guests to stay overnight or enjoy a full days experience available when you book beforehand.

What is Hobbitenango and why you should visit it?

Hobbitenango is the enchanted retreat where wannabe Hobbits and adventure seekers escape for a fun day. Located in the mountains overlooking Antigua, you’ll find activities suitable for all ages here – from zip lining to archery, this park is home to a slew of attractions that’ll have you feeling like Bilbo Baggins himself. Plus, with the bonus of epic views of volcanic smoke and a tremendous trio volcano – Fuego, Agua and Acatenango can we all seen on a clear day – it’s no wonder why this place has become such an attractive destination. Entry tickets give you unlimited turns on the activities and games so don’t forget your pocket money for that dwarven dinner afterwards!

Hobbitenango Antigua Guatemala

How to get to Hobbitenango?

Located just 9km northeast of Antigua’s city center, Hobbitenango is easily accessible by shuttle.

The shuttle departs from the Hobbitenango office in Antigua every two hours from 8am to 4pm. It takes 25-30 minutes each way. There’s also an early morning option for those wanting an early start and an evening return if you want to stay late.

To top it off, this convenient mode of transportation costs only 40Q (around US$6) for a round-trip ticket – pocket-friendly and time-saving!

If you are booking a Hobbitenango shuttle from your hostel- make sure you take the receipt.

Hobbitenango Guatemala

How long to stay in Hobbitenango?

Two and a half hours is plenty of time to explore the magical world of Hobbitenango. Get there bright and early at 8am to beat the crowds and ensure you’re on the 11am shuttle back to Antigua. Pro tip: despite the sunny Guatemalan climate, Hobbitenango can get pretty chilly in the morning! Chances are, if you show up at 8am, you’ll see locals and staff bundled up in hats, scarves, and coats. So make sure you’re prepared with some extra layers or your visit may be somewhat uncomfortable – better warm than sorry!

Although the “Hand of a Giant” will undoubtedly be the most memorable photo op spot, let’s face it, who wants to waste precious time queuing up with an entire stampeding population? If you arrive early, all your photos will look like they were straight out of a fantasy storybook!

Things to do in Hobbitenango

Photos! Lots of photos!

Hobbitenango beckons photographers of all skill levels with its incredible backdrop. Capture Acatenango or Pacaya as a far-off reminder that this isn’t the Shire, fused with Hobbiton-esque details — grassy bottoms and quaint buildings. If you ever wanted to act out your favorite Lord of The Rings scene, here’s your chance! Either way, make sure you bring your camera — no trip to Hobbitenango is complete without a captivating photo shoot of this one-of-a-kind wonder.

Picture-perfect moments abound here, with whole panoramic views over Panchoy Valley and volcanoes such as Acatenango and Pacaya in the distance. The sky’s the limit for taking pic-perfect snaps!

Hobbitenango Hand

It’s literally a giant troll’s hand sticking out of the valley, perfectly positioned so that you can snap a sweet photo featuring the majestic Pacaya and Fuego volcanoes in the background. Plus, if you visit at the right time, you might get even luckier and capture an eruption of Fuego!

For those looking to experience the magic of the Hobbitenango Hand, but avoid the crowds, pro tip: get there early! We rolled up to the park at a leisurely 8.30am on a Saturday morning and had one of nature’s crowning glories all to ourselves. No rush to take pictures sans audience! When we strolled past later in the day it seemed like over 100 people were already queuing for a shot. Unless you want to spend one minute desperately posing in front of a giant troll hand, under pressure…get to Hobbitenango early!

The Hobbitenango Swing

The Hobbitenango Swing is the second best thing to do in sky-high Hobbitenango. If you want to make sure you experience it, head here immediately after you’ve taken your fabulous photos with the “Hand”! The long lines will be worth it when you swing over the volcanic valley as if Mother Nature herself was gently rocking you in her grasp. It’s like being on a pendulum of paradise, and we can guarantee you won’t forget about it anytime soon.

Check out the viewpoints (Miradores)

There are 12 lookout points situated across the region. These vantage points offer a unique and stunning view of the volcanos. Taking the time to hike up to one of these upper Miradors ensures that your experience is as quiet and serene as possible – no need to worry about hearing annoying crowds of tourists down at the park!

Shopping in Hobbitenango

If you’re looking to get your hands on some authentic knick-knacks and crafts. In that case, there are two artisan markets in Hobbitenango Guatemala for you to visit! The entrance market has it all: locally painted hats, all kinds of textiles- traditional clothes, and even hand-made toys. But if that isn’t enough, the main market offers other unique products you won’t find anywhere else: homemade skincare items, honey, teas, small-batch chocolate treats, and more!

Take a photo with Gandalf

Taking a selfie with Gandalf against the backdrop of multiple volcanoes. To snap a picture with this wise and powerful one himself, there is an extra fee of 20 Quetzal (about 3 USD)

How Much Does Hobbitenango cost?

The mid-week free admission is perfect for budget travelers trying to save a few pennies. If you bring along an entourage. The entrance fee of Q50 (US$7) for adults and Q30 (US$4) for children on Saturday and Sunday. Along with the shuttle (if you buy it from the Hobbitenango office), the trip will cost you about $14. Not counting food, drinks, and personal expenses.

How long to stay in Hobbitenango?

Two and a half hours is plenty of time to explore the magical world of Hobbitenango. Get there bright and early at 8am to beat the crowds and ensure you’re on the 11am shuttle back to Antigua. Pro tip: despite the sunny Guatemalan climate, Hobbitenango can get pretty chilly in the morning! Chances are, if you show up at 8am, you’ll see locals and staff bundled up in hats, scarves, and coats. So make sure you’re prepared with some extra layers or your visit may be somewhat uncomfortable – better warm than sorry!

What to pack to Hobbitenanago

Warm jacket and warm anything

Firstly, make sure you bring a light jacket. Even though the forecast for Antigua reads that it will be a balmy 80°F (or 26°C), up in the mountains near Hobbiton things tend to get nippy. It might not look like much but a light jacket will save you on those windy days!
In winter months, you can still get away with wearing a t-shirt in Antigua. But if you are visiting Hobbitenango in winter- I would say take a hat or a scarf – you won’t regret it.

Comfy shoes

Don’t forget to bring some closed-toe shoes. Negotiating the dirt paths and tree roots of Hobbitenango could prove tricky if you’re not wearing the right footwear. A trusted pair of sneakers


Don’t let the cooler temperatures lull you into thinking you don’t need it – the Guatemalan sun packs a punch even up in the mountains, so lather up with your favorite sunscreen and stay safe.

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