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What To Wear Traveling In Pakistan As A Female

Choosing what to pack for Pakistan can sometimes pose quite the conundrum, particularly when it comes to female travelers. Now I, personally, am always of the opinion that when in Rome, you do as the Romans do. So while some counties may be more lax with their cultural and social regulations, I prefer to keep my sets and dresses on a conservative side. This way I ensure that my look pays respect to local customs and traditions which in turn helps prevent any unwanted attention – or worse yet – accidentally offending someone

That being said, ladies should always err on the side of caution when picking an outfit as certain parts of Pakistan are rather conservative in dress code.

To ensure everyone remains happy and your cultural trip isn’t marred by any instances that could be avoided, I’d highly recommend keeping covered up (or even just for peace of mind sake!) and save your show stoppers for other destinations that are more lenient on those who want to flaunt their fashion.

Pakistan Dress Code for Women Travelers

Sure, if you find yourself in the glittering metropolis of Karachi or Lahore, you can probably let loose a bit. But like most places in the world, when it comes to more rural areas, chances are people will be a little more traditional and conservative when it comes to clothing choices.

Find a balance between being comfortable in the clothes you’re wearing for travel and being aware of the customs and traditions in the places you’re going. Pakistan is a country that has a lot of different types of terrain and temperature. There is a big difference between cities and more rural areas, as well as between the mountain peaks and the plains.

You can find out how to dress in Pakistan and how women dress in Pakistan by reading this guide. I also have some advice for people who aren’t sure what to wear and how to be respectful and comfortable.

What do women wear in Pakistan?

So, what do locals wear in Pakistan?

The traditional Pakistani clothing for women is the Shalwar Kameez, a long-sleeved shirt worn with a shawl and loose trousers. It’s both modest and stylish, and it’s perfect for hot weather.

Color, comfort and modesty.

The traditional Pakistani clothing for women certainly brings a splash of vibrancy to everyday life! It goes beyond the usual blacks, grays and blues one finds in western attire, replacing them with lively hues and ornamental details. Whether it be intricate embroidery on the sleeve or vibrant patterns that catch the eye, the Shalwar Kameez is beautiful in its playful expression. Not only is it a treat to look at, but it’s also quite fitting for warm climates with lightweight material.

What to wear in Pakistan if you are a female traveler? 

As a female traveler to Pakistan, you can rest assured that your shoulders are safely covered and your legs are looking demure. But when it comes to respecting local customs, make sure your clothes go beyond basic decency – the best way to make sure that you’re not showing too much skin is by following the general rule of thumb: cover your shoulders with tops and dresses, be sure skirts or dresses fall below the knee, and always make sure pants are long enough.

It goes without saying that you should bear local customs and traditions in mind, particularly when visiting more rural areas, but don’t feel you need to change your wardrobe entirely.

Whether you’re with your husband or not, being a blonde-haired foreigner may still result in some stares. It’s best to dress modestly and conservatively when traveling through Pakistan to avoid any unwanted looks.


For what to wear in Pakistan, it pays to plan for layers! When the temperatures reach unbearable heights you’ll want breathable fabrics so you don’t soften up like an overcooked piece of meat. Dress modestly with your arms and legs covered, sunny headgear, a colorful scarf and opaque shades.

What to wear in Pakistan: Outfit Ideas

As a female traveler to Morocco, you can rest assured that your shoulders are safely covered and your legs are looking demure. But when it comes to respecting local customs, make sure your clothes go beyond basic decency – the best way to make sure that you’re not showing too much skin is by following the general rule of thumb: cover your shoulders with tops and dresses, be sure skirts or dresses fall below the knee, and always make sure pants are long enough.

Maxi dress/ Loose fitting

Planning what to wear while visiting Pakistan can be a challenge, but surely something stylish, comfortable AND Pakistan-appropriate is out there!

Loose, long maxi dresses with tapered waists are my go-to for looking stylish as well as properly covering up in the local climate – bonus points for it being oh-so-comfy

Regardless of which region or city you’re traveling to in Pakistan, there are a few easy rules when it comes to dressing for this particular part of the world – think loose, layered and light! You’ll want to keep on the conservative side though and go for longer, more covered-up options.

You get to stay chic and respectful of local traditions AND keep cool – now that’s killing two birds with one stone!

Mix and Match

Buying some local outfits during your travels through Pakistan is a great way to bring back more than just wonderful memories. Not only does it make for an unbelievably stylish wardrobe, but you can also expect the warmest welcomes from people throughout the country who will be delighted to see you wearing items of clothing from their region! It’s not only fashionable, but its fun too – break it up with regional accessories and other items to give your outfit a personalised touch.


Who doesn’t like versatility? The kaftan is the definition of it! But if that’s not enough, this modest yet stylish piece also looks perfect for a Pakistani dress code and you can easily combine it with Western clothes and accessories. So if you’re feeling a bit fancy and want a chic look, then turn to the trusty old kaftan for effortless elegance. Not only will you have a photo-worthy ensemble but you’ll be traveling in style to any Muslim or conservative country too! Who says modesty isn’t fashionable?

Rocking a caftan isn’t just limited to poolside glamour; they are easily adaptable to all your travel needs. Whether you’re teaming it with a tank, some jeans, or your Sunday best for church, this is one piece of clothing that will never let you down.

Plus, in steamy weather, the airy lightness of a caftan is an absolute given, not to mention its low-maintenance styling appeal!

Kurta and jeans/pants

 It seems like this extremely versatile piece of clothing was made to adapt and fit anyone's wardrobe; no matter what the season or occasion! During hot summers a refreshingly light, cotton kurti is a must-have. While you can also layer up during winters with darker tones and warmer materials that will keep you cosy - perfect for any wintery wander!

Throw on a kurta with some jeans and you’re good to go. The kurta will cover up your lady bits (which is important in Pakistan) but you’ll still be comfortable in your jeans. Plus, you get the added bonus of pockets!

Linen pants

If you’re looking for a stylish, breathable outfit for Pakistan, why not try linen trousers? Not only are they comfortable in any temperature, but they also provide an elegant and modest look that respects the conservative dress code. Plus, linen trousers come in a variety of colors and styles, allowing you to express yourself according to your personal preference.

The best way to combat heat while still adhering to local cultural norms is to pack loose linen pants. They’re light and airy, but still provide coverage for your legs. Plus, they come in a variety of colors so you can keep your outfit looking fresh.


Is it ok to wear jeans in Pakistan?
Wearing jeans in Pakistan is not an issue, but during summer season wearing loose-fitting clothes is advised.

Here’s the thing: it’s going to be hot and sweaty no matter what. And if you’re dealing with razor burn, you’re going to want to steer clear of anything too tight or constricting. So our best advice is to go for loose, natural fabric pants – and avoid jeans if at all possible.

But if you must do jeans, make sure they’re chambray – the lightest weight denim out there. That way, your legs will at least have a chance of staying cool and comfortable.


So, should you throw on a scarf to keep your head covered while exploring Pakistan’s cities and attractions? It all depends! While it’s not usually necessary, wearing a scarf can make a great statement as you explore the country. Not only does it show respect for the conservative culture of Pakistan, but it allows you to up your style game and take your look, photos and adventure to the next level! Hair scarves are super versatile and come in tons of styles — from bandana-tied knots to babushka-styles and so much more.

So don’t hesitate to reach for a scarf when packing for your next trip to Pakistan – not only will you look fashionable, but also respectful of local customs.

Bad hair remedy

Bad hair days can ruin even the most enviable looks, particularly in Moroccan heat! Fortunately, headscarves are not only chic accessories but also highly practical solutions for this perennial fashion conundrum. Not to mention, they inject a bit of wit and flair into any outfit in one simple swoop. Embrace your inner bohemian goddess by experimenting with bright colors, extravagant prints – and rock that scarf no matter the forecast!


When it comes to what to wear in Pakistan, the one piece you definitely shouldn’t leave home without is an over-sized tunic. Not only will you look stylish and on-trend, but it will also ensure that your look ticks all the boxes of what is considered modest and respectable in Pakistani culture.

Maxi skirt and shirt

They look amazing in photos and, similarly to loose trousers, are very airy and won’t make you too hot if you’re visiting Pakistan in summer. So if you’re looking for a outfit that will keep you cool and help you get some amazing photos, go for a maxi skirt.


  • Shalwar Kameez

Donning an ensemble of a long-sleeved shirt with a shawl for modesty and pants that taper towards the ankles won’t just keep you covered – but looking fabulous too! You’ll be a vision of jewels and color while still enjoying the benefits of lightweight clothing due to the hot temperatures.

With their elegance and classic lines, linen trousers will always be a timeless addition to any wardrobe.

  • Headscarves and dupattas

When I travel, I love to buy local clothes. Not only do they usually look really cool, but they’re also super practical. I’ve bought all kinds of things – from Sindhi hats to beautiful scarves – that have come in handy and been a lot of fun to wear.

Outside of mosques, you don’t need to cover your head. You should always have a scarf with you. This is a good thing to have when you’re in religious places, or when you’re in places like bazaars where people stare at you.


When it comes to deciding what kind of shoes to wear in Pakistan, I’m pretty chill: the easier the better. My go-to for hot weather are always sandals with straps covering your toes–whether they’re slides, lace-up styles, or have low-to-the ground heels.

Tan leather sandals

While making choices for a trip to Pakistan, one must-have shoe to bring along is a pair of strappy leather sandals. These classic shoes can spiritually transport your look from day to night and work with almost every outfit combination – try them with an airy axe dress, or pair them with light pants. No matter what you choose, these tan sandals will perfectly elongate your legs and make sure your look packs a punch!

  • Mix your own clothes with things from the area

 It’s easy and comfortable to wear a kurta with jeans. Kurtas, of course, will go below your hips to be a little more conservative. You still have the comfort of jeans (and pockets) that you’re used to, though!

Cardigan or a duster

Sure, it’s hot during the day, but night time often brings a chill – meaning your usual linen dresses and sandals will leave you in a cold sweat instead of looking cool. My go-to? A trusty cardigan or duster coat! Not only do they keep you warm, but they also lend an effortless air to any ensemble. Slip one on over your maxi dress or flowy trousers for stylish coverage that’ll protect you from the desert chill – without taking away from your sizzling #OOTD vibes.

What and how to wear in religious places and mosques in Pakistan?

If you’re a woman and you’re planning on visiting a mosque in Pakistan, make sure you dress appropriately. Many mosques have signs posted outside that state that women must be dressed in an Islamic way in order to enter.

So what does that mean, exactly?

For starters, it’s important to cover your head. A scarf will do the trick. You’ll also want to make sure that your clothing is loose-fitting and doesn’t show any skin. In other words, no tank tops or shorts!

And finally, avoid wearing anything that’s too brightly colored or flashy. You want to look respectful and modest when you’re inside a religious place.

Be sure to cover your arms, legs and shoulders and don’t forget to top off the look with a scarf. Don’t worry if you didn’t prepare—they often have some onsite that you can borrow.

Packing for Pakistan: Pack for the weather

A trip to Pakistan can bring many surprises – from the bustling city streets of Karachi to the soaring peaks of the Hindu Kush Mountains. Making sure you are dressed appropriately for both is essential to having a great, safe trip.Traditional Pakistani attire like shalwar kameez is not required; visitors will find that locals(especially in the cities) are just as likely to wear jeans and t-shirts.

So, what’s the weather like in Pakistan?

Ranging from extreme variations in temperature to the snow-covered northern mountains and hot winds, aptly named Loo, blowing across the plains during sizzling summer days – you never know what to expect when travelling through this land! Although temperatures can get quite high during summer with average June temps reaching 38°C, it could be a walk in the park when compared to some areas where even higher temperatures prevail – busting that 127°F mark no problem at all!

Tips for Pakistan packing list

Travelling to Pakistan can be a bit of a challenge when it comes to figuring out what to wear. On one hand, you want to be comfortable in the hot weather. On the other hand, you want to be respectful of local customs and traditions. I’ve put together a guide for people wondering how to dress in Pakistan, with some tips on what to wear to be respectful as well as comfortable.

  1. When you think about what to wear in Pakistan, keep in mind that the country is very traditional. A lot of clothes that show a lot of skin, such as short tops, short skirts, and tight clothes, should be kept away from.
  2. When it comes to Pakistani outfits in the summer, linen trousers are definitely a must-have item. Lightweight and breathable, they’ll help you stay comfortable all day long while still adhering to traditional dress codes.
What to wear in Pakistan as a man?

Men needn’t worry too much as their style is considered more relaxed – loose trousers and long shirts set off with a traditional hat will show respect and taste at the same time. When traveling to Pakistan, men can dress in a manner that is appropriate for the climate and properly reflects the culture. A great option for gentlemen looking for a comfortable, yet respectful ensemble is a golf shirt with short sleeves and either jeans or slacks. What you don’t want to do is wear sh


Choosing what to pack for your Pakistan can certainly be a puzzle, but it’s always important to remember local customs. Although tourists are not expected to dress like the locals, covering up shouldn’t be that difficult. Make sure the tops of your outfit cover your shoulders, and opt for bottoms that fall below the knee – all while still allowing air to flow!

Opt for lighter fabrics and layer it with a scarf – this way you stay nice, cool and respectful. Put together the perfect capsule wardrobe filled with travel essentials and you’ll be all set to enjoy Pakistan in style!

Being mindful of locals’ customs and traditions is essential for travel in Pakistan, so anyone visiting should carefully consider what to wear and strive for the balance between comfort and respect. As a country filled with diversity, from its temperatures to its surroundings, it becomes all the more important to familiarize yourself with the dress code before you start packing.

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