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Travel outfit style ideas

How to Dress to Take Perfect Travel Photos

What to wear to make your travel photos pop

Clothing does not make a man, but it can really be helpful in certain situations. Taking perfect Instagram pictures to create a fabulous Instagram feed is a great occasion and a great excuse to dress well. The fact is: you can take some incredible to Insta-worthy travel photos even if you don’t have any experience with photo shootings. Here is how.

Preparation is key : think ahead about your destination’s environment.

Color is everything for a fabulous travel shot

Colors matter, and a shortcut to standout photos is to choose clothes that contrast with your destination’s color scheme.

The best colors for poolside photos

  • sunset orange
  •  bright red
  • coral
  • hot pink 
  • total white 

These color schemes will help you stand out against the blues of water and pool time and will be a nice contrast against the greens too.

For the beach or desert the background with the warmer, sandy tones the best colors are 

  • whites
  • deep or electric blues
  • all jewel tones 

Keep it simple for the city, which is already a busy place. 

One of my favorite accessories for travel shots is a pair of sunglasses. They barely take any space in your luggage, and just by having 2 pairs. 

  • one classic pair in black 
  • one with a colorful or accent frame 

will make every boring outfit chic and really goes with any background, whether you are traveling to the beach or rainforest

The importance of layering for travel photos  

An extra layer can give your photo more “life” and options for posing.

A flowy full-length dress in a bright color or print or a sizeable colorful scarf can give your photos a sense of movement and more options for posing. 

You probably don’t want to hike through the rainforest or ride a camel through Sahara in a flowy dress. Just throw a light scarf or kimono to throw over your T-shirt and shorts, and voila…your comfy outfit will turn into an Instagram-perfect attire in a second. 


Bring a few scarves of different colors and use the one that’s the best fit for the background. Seeing an Insta-worthy opportunity on your city tour? Throw it on, and here is your fabulous shot.

To have options without having a lot of clothes:

Pack the outfits in the same color palette to effortlessly mix and match. 

Timeless of your outfit

As well as heels on the beach. It looks slightly ridiculous unless you are a Sex and the City heroine or trying to be ironic.  

Be conscious and respectful: bright outfits and slogan tees might not always be the best fit for visiting temples and memorials. Most religious sights have a dress code.

Destinations have their own vibe. 

When creating an outfit for a photoshoot, it’s best to limit the complete outfit to a maximum of three colors. Of course, tropical prints are always chic and will indeed look good in pictures. However, if you are more on the minimalist side of style, neutral colors might be the best choice.

So, for example, you could wear a white maxi dress, a white hat, and brown sandals to a photoshoot at the beach. Or, you can choose to wear black jeans, a white t-shirt and add a statement belt or hat. 

Match colors with ambiance

As mentioned earlier, let’s say that your photoshoot place is the beach somewhere in Miami or LA. To match the overall beachy vibe background, you should wear clothing in the same or similar colors as the beach or the sea.

Of course, wearing colorful bikinis to a beach photoshoot is always a good idea.

Know yourself – Know your sites

Knowing what looks best on you is equally important whether you are trying to take a perfect Instagram shot on a trip or just what looks best — on you and at the site 

  • Review your past travel photos to see which clothing or colors work best for you. Which was the hottest piece of the season but made you look chunky, which piece made you stand out and glow.
  • Find your destination’s hashtags and go through the photos of tourists who have been there. Some images will immediately pop, and looking on others, you will know what not to wear on the location.
  • The easiest way to see how your selected outfits translate to the small screen, what pops and what makes you not look your best
  • Mirror selfies.
  • If I am heading for a longer-than-usual trip, I also use my selfie sets to dress on the spot.

Some additional tips for taking perfect travel photos

When choosing to clothe for photography, we must always pay attention even to the tiniest details. First and foremost, make sure to choose models and shades that flatter your silhouette and follow your natural body shape. Shades like emerald, green, navy blue, and burgundy suit basically everyone because of their unobtrusiveness and elegance. Pastel and powder colors also work well in photos, but bright colors should be avoided by people with a very pale tan.

If you want to shine in your next photo, strategically choose a color block dress that will highlight the best parts of your body, and cover your shortcomings. On top of that, accessories are always welcome. For example, don’t be afraid to wear a waist belt, as they can visually lengthen your legs and lower your waist!

Wear something that makes you look and feel comfortable & confident

And lastly, no matter what you end up wearing, make sure you wear something that allows you to express yourself and your style through your outfits. You will always look good in clothing that makes you feel good and comfortable enough.

What does your outfit choice and pose say about you?

Are you trying to be the center of attention next to the world’s most iconic sights?

Or are you a beautiful and respectful addition to it? 

On top of that, your Instagram pictures will surely turn out amazing if you are comfortable with yourself and with what you are wearing!

I believe that you can travel the world without quitting your job. I believe that you can experience all the magic, the foodies and the cultures of the world while having a normal life. And, perhaps, two dogs. This is exactly what I’ve been doing for 15 years. This is exactly what my blog is about. Love, Lilia

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