GreeceGreece Packing List: What to Wear for a Greek Islands Vacation
Greece packing list

Greece Packing List: What to Wear for a Greek Islands Vacation

But to truly blend with the ethereal beauty of this corner of the world, you’ve got to dress the part. No, you don’t have to wear a toga (not that we’d judge), but navigating the fashion-forward shores of Greece does require a bit of savvy. Here’s how to elegantly tackle your what-to-wear list when Greece is your catwalk.

The Greek Palette

Before we venture into the specifics, it’s vital we understand the Greek color palette – it’s a love affair with the Aegean blues, the crisp whites evoking the Cycladic charm, and the brilliant flashes of rich, deep earthy orange representing the Mediterranean sunset. This tricolor symphony is the heartbeat of Greece’s fashion heritage. Incorporating these hues into your travel wardrobe isn’t just a nod to local admiration, it’s a passport to feeling like an Aegean deity.

Blue and White

You can’t possibly wander the serpentine pathways of Santorini or Mykonos without at least an homage to the iconic white and blue. Think airy white linens contrasted against the azure sea – a quintessentially Greek pairing.

Sunset Orange

The third color of the Greek flag makes for an unexpected yet harmonious addition to your Greek repertoire. It not only complements the blues and whites but also adds a vibrant pop to your overall look.

Flowy Fabrics and Drapery

Ease is the essence of the Greek isles’ style. Opt for breathable textiles that allow the wind to elegantly conduct a symphony around your silhouette.

Dress like a Greek Goddess

When preparing for a Greek island getaway, your aim is to embody that casual elegance and eternal summer vibe that’s synonymous with this beautiful destination. Think flowy fabrics, light colors, and pieces that transition seamlessly from the beach to the bistro. Here’s what to pack to master that Greek goddess look.

The Minis and Midis

Think of those nights when the taverna tables offer a dance floor for the fearless. A breezy midi, skater mini, or a sultry shift dress can turn you from a sunset admirer to a midnight mover.

The Majestic Maxi

Your travel fashion holy grail. A handful of maxis are more than foreign; they’re a uniform of unmarked grace, waiting to swish regally through sanctuaries and salons alike.

Maxi dresses should be the flagship of your attire. They offer the perfect balance of comfort with a dash of bohemian chic. They flutter with the island breeze and effortlessly make the transition from sandy beaches to the streets of Mykonos or Santorini, still looking as brilliant as you.
Pack for variety in color and pattern. There needs to be one for every mood, whether it’s the serene blue of the Mediterranean or the fiery red of a Grecian sunset. And night? Don a dressy, slinky number that’s as breathable as it is beautiful.

Swim Sweet Swim

One word—kaftan. Two more—beach maxi. These poolside treasures traipse effortlessly from sand to street, layered over your suit and bejeweled with salty sea-air accolades.

Swim It Up

You can’t possibly land in the Greek islands without a thoughtfully selected array of swimwear. Apart from the obligatory swimsuit (or three!), cover-ups are key to a beach-to-bar transition that’s as smooth as the turquoise waves of Navagio.

For ladies, one-pieces are excellent for day-long sea-side lounging or a dip in the unspoiled waters of Antiparos. A bikini with a high-waisted bottom channels retro flair a-la Sophia Loren. Complete your beach look with a sarong paraeo, a breezy kimono in an aquamarine shade, or an ethereal crochet dress.

The Versatile Tops:

  • The Magical Shirtdress: This all-rounder not only takes you from beach to bar with a simple swap of accessories, but it also ensures that light, effortless feel that’s essential for that holiday high.
  • Flowy Shirts and Tees: They’re your go-to pieces for layering or simply throwing over your swimsuit. A good tee and a cover-up all in one? Yes, please.
  • Light Summer Sweaters and Cardigans: Don’t scoff at the idea of a sweater – a light knit offers comfort when those island nights turn just a tad too cool for your sun-kissed shoulders.

The Perfect Bottoms:

  • Denim Shorts: A summer classic that exudes just the right amount of laid-back island cool, perfect for pairing with virtually any top in your suitcase.
  • Chinos: They bring that smart-casual touch to your ensemble without compromising on comfort.
  • Linen Pants: Wide-leg, high-waisted wonders that are as fitting for a day trip to Delphi as they are for a night of sipping ouzo under the stars.

Accessorize with Hellenic Heart


Breaking news: the Greek islands are sunny. Like, a lot. And while we’re all about soaking in the rays – sunscreen-lathered, of course – a hat is your best shield against a sunburned scalp. Remember, versatility is vogue, here. A wide-brimmed beauty for the beach, a cozy knit number for the chilly evening, and a sailor cap for that Insta-sailor moment.


Last but certainly not least, let’s talk about bags. In Greece, especially on the islands, you’ll most likely be carrying around essentials like your phone, wallet, and sunscreen. A chic crossbody bag or a woven basket tote not only adds to the vacation vibe but also allows you to keep your hands free as you explore.

Minimal Jewelry, Maximum Impact

Few pieces can amplify an outfit quite like Hellenic-themed jewelry. Adorn yourself with laurel wreaths, serpent motifs, and Grecian keys for an authentic touch.

Head Held High

In ancient Greece, hairstyles were adorned with leaves and flowers. Today, a simple floral crown or a knotted scarf can echo that sentiment without taking you back two millennia.

Greece packing list: Shoes

The Greek islands aren’t just about sunbathing; they’re a non-stop exploration of fascinating sights. Make sure your footwear is both Instagram-friendly and terrain-appropriate.

A comfortable pair for the beach; a chic pair for dinner; and some exceptionally comfortable trainers for the in-betweens.

Sandals, Sandals, and More Sandals!

Footwear is a serious decision in Greece, especially with those cobblestone streets and sun-drenched beaches. I advocate for elegant leather sandals; Goddesses wouldn’t settle for anything less.

Sturdy and Stylish

Choose a pair that allows comfort for kilometers of island exploration, but don’t compromise on the chic. A classic cross-strap design looks fantastic with a sundress or capri pants.

Espadrilles – The Stylish Every Day Shoe

For a more urban look, espadrilles tick all the boxes. They offer more protection over sandals and their canvas material is both lightweight and breathable. Look for styles that feature the iconic jute sole for that extra touch of Mediterranean chic.

Daytime Ensembles:

The Infamous Maxi Dress: Temple-hopping or taverna-top tucker, it’s a judgment-free zone for the maxi –and perhaps one of the most forgiving pieces in your suitcase.

Lightweight Cover-Ups: The savior of swimwear – a stylish sarong or breezy kimono should always be within arm’s reach.

Swimwear with Flair: While practicality is key, a swimsuit that flatters and amazes is a holiday essential. Don a two-piece designed to turn heads.

Sundown Sartorial Splendor:

Midi Dresses: A compromise of length if maxis aren’t your speed – they pair well with sunset hues and a golden-hour glow.

Shorts and Skirts: From casual to chic, the Greek islands love a good skirt or high-waisted short, especially when it’s skirted in white or timeless florals.

Jumpsuits: The new dress alternative – jumpsuits are an adventure in fashion that guarantees both comfort and compliments.

Island Nights:

The Little White Dress: Move over, LBD – the little white number is the quintessential island staple that’s fresh, fabulous, and utterly enchanting.

Statement Pieces: Maybe it’s a bold necklace, a vibrantly hued scarf, or a pair of turquoise earrings. When the sun goes down, your jewelry gets to step into the spotlight.

Layering: Those summer nights can be refreshingly cool. Bring along a light scarf or a denim jacket – layers that keep pace with your evening plans.

Cosmetics and Comfort in the Aegean Sun

For the cosmopolitan voyager, the Greek islands can seem like an amphitheater waiting for your production. But like any good actor, preparation is primordial. In the realm of accessories, don’t forget to dress the part that’s beneath the fabric and away from the cobbling feet.

  • The Golden Hour: Your favorite sunscreen is a must—Greek sun doesn’t do understated, particularly in mid-summer. Part of your wardrobe should also be a wide-brimmed hat and a lightweight scarf for that shoulder-to-toes shield.
  • That Ol’ Lotion Magic: A deliberate selection of lotions, after-suns, and aloe rubs can make your skin as resilient as Zeus during the days and pampered as Poseidon’s pony during the nights.
  • Defense and Hydration: Make sure to include bug spray, travel-sized skin hydrators, and a pack of wet tissues for easy cleanup after those inevitable island adventures.

Greece Packing Tips:

  • Roll Your Clothes: It’s not an Instagram fad – rolling your clothes actually maximizes space and minimizes wrinkles.
  • Pack “Versatile”: If an item can only be worn in one season, really consider its importance in your quaint little island life.
  • The Extras: Remember, you’re on vacation – a less-is-more approach can be incredibly liberating. Pack your must-haves and leave the rest to the carefree whims of the Aegean breeze.
One Final Sweep of Sartorial Panache

Before you zip up your suitcase, indulge in the whimsy of proper dressing. Create outfits on the bed, pine over potential Instagram posts you’ll style later, envision the moments in which you’ll shine. This final step is the art of anticipation itself and when packing for the Greek Isles, the ensemble is as important as the experience.

From the vibrant streets of Mykonos to the romantic sunsets of Santorini, each Greek island offers a unique blend of history, wonder, and oh-so-instagrammable charm. But to truly make the most of your Grecian holiday, you need to pay homage to a style as timeless as the Parthenon itself.

Unveiling the OOTDs

What to wear in Greece: A Pantheon of Outfit Ideas

The Mythical Maxi

A flowing maxi dress, perhaps with a Grecian cut or adorned with a token of the Mediterranean, is perfect for a day wandering the Acropolis or sipping wine in Oia.

Goddess in Denim

Slip on a pair of high-waisted, wide-legged denim jeans paired with a cropped top – an ensemble that’s rooted in Greek tradition but with a contemporary twist.

Classic Meets Cover-up

A striped swimsuit under a white cover-up, paired with your most decadent sunglasses and oversized straw hat, transforms from beach chic to lunchtime glamour with a mere change of venue.

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