GreeceEscape to Aegina: a Perfect Day Trip from Athens
Escape to Aegina: a Perfect Day Trip from Athens

Escape to Aegina: a Perfect Day Trip from Athens

Touchdown on Aegina, and you’ll be greeted by the island’s relaxed ambiance. With Mount Oros whispering to the skies and the Aegean emerald waters rippling quietly, there’s a beauty in island’s simplicity.

Aegina? She’s different. She’s intimate, she’s bursting with flavor, and if you listen closely, she’s whispering your name.

An Island of Myth and History

Home to ancient temples and the effigy of a swallowed nymph, Aegina is not merely an island but a living shrine of Greek mythology. The island’s name finds its roots in the nymph Aegina, mother to Aiakos, who became the island’s king and sowed the seeds for the lineage of great mythological heroes such as Ajax and Achilles. The very air teems with old tales brought to life, each path on the island weaving through its own legend.

How to Spend a Perfect Day in Aegina:

  • Explore Aphaia’s Temple at Aghia Marina, where the past comes alive with myth and history.
  • Take a historical tour through Aegina Town, experiencing ancient and 19th-century Greek heritage.
  • Marvel at the monumental architecture across Aegina, from temples to secluded chapels.
  • Walk the coastal route from Aegina port to Cape Plakakia, discovering inspiration in natural beauty.
  • Delight in Aegina’s renowned pistachios, indulging in local specialties at Aiakeion.
  • Enjoy fresh, Aegina-style seafood by the harbor, paired with local wine.
  • Wander through ancient olive groves in Pachia Rachi, connecting with nature’s timeless serenity.
  • Trek Aegina’s trails, immersing in the island’s untouched landscapes and traditional villages.
  • Visit the monasteries, including the Monastery of Agios Nektarios, for spiritual solace.
  • Discover the charms of each village, from Pachia Rachi’s revolutionary past to Anitseo’s quaintness.

This gem of the Saronic Gulf isn’t just a ferry ride away from Athens; it’s a mini Odyssey waiting to unfold. And who better to guide you than us, your compass to escapades? Here’s your personalized map to a flawless day on Aegina.

Getting Around Aegina

While Aegina might not be exhaustive, she’s indeed coy about her treasures. Upon kissing the ground (or rather, stepping off your ferry), you’ll be wooed by horse carriages. Cute? Absolutely. Efficient for sightseeing?Not so much. 


If you’re here to flirt with Aegina for just a day, play it smart and cab it. Yes, darling, cabbing around might feel a tad extra, costing you a smidge over 100 euros for a sight-hopping spree, but here’s the tea – some of these sights are sulking in such remote corners that finding another cab is as likely as finding a pearl in your seafood dinner. 

Car rentals

Not feeling the cab vibe? Car rentals are an option, though only worth it if you’re here to stay awhile and fancy the freedom. 

Bus Tour

There’s always the day tour bus. Mixing with fellow tourists on a bus may not scream ‘exclusivity’, but it does whisper ‘economic sense’ and ‘I might make a friend or two.’

Pistachios, Plazas, and Pilgrimages: Top Spots in Aegina

Aegina Town – Port of Antiquity

Upon arrival, you’ll find your sea legs quickened by anticipation. Aegina Town, the island’s main port, sets the stage with a melange of old and new — a labyrinth of cobbled streets where pastel-shaded boutiques sneak beneath the shadow of ancient walls. Make a beeline for the Temple of Apollo, a brief walk that bridges millennia with its Doric columns.

Aghia Marina’s Ancient Aphaia

11 kilometers to the southeast unfurls Aghia Marina, a coastal haven crowned by the formidable Temple of Aphaia. Spiritually stoic and scenically surreal, this Doric temple peers over a thyme-scented cliff, gazing upon the Saronic horizons.

For those who rented a car or got a cab, arriving at the temple before the influx of tour buses is a treat—imagine having this majestic place all to yourself, wrapped in serenity.

Constructed in the sturdy Doric style, this architectural marvel watches over the island from its lofty throne 160 meters up. It tells a tale of legendary battles, with pediments depicting the heroic shenanigans of Herakles and the epic face-offs between Greek and Trojan kings, where champions like Ajax and Achilles strutted their stuff.

Monastery of Agios Nektarios

Seeking tranquility, breathtaking architecture, and a touch of divine inspiration? The Monastery of Agios Nektarios awaits. Founded by a bishop who clearly had an eye for epic backdrops and spiritual oases, this monastery isn’t just about the grand church with high bell towers and red bows. It’s a sanctuary.

Step inside to discover the tomb and holy relics of Agios Nektarios. Peek into the saint’s cell, breathe in the serenity of the gardens, and if you’re lucky, have a heartfelt chat with one of the 14 nuns calling this sacred space home. Oh, the views? They’re nothing short of heavenly.

Perdika: Instagram’s Best-Kept Secret

With its Cycladic vibes (yes, in the Saronic Gulf, no less) and views that can turn even the most stoic into hopeless romantics, this fishing village is nothing short of idyllic. Perched atop a hill, it gifts you panoramas that are pure fire – no filter needed.

Take a dip in the serene waters of Perdika Beach or Marathon Beach—where the Aegean caresses the shore gently, promising a rendezvous you’ll cherish. And if you’re a nature aficionado looking to flirt with the wild side, the islet of Moni is calling your name. Comfortable stay options abound, because no one likes adventure on an empty stomach or a weary body, right?

Agia Marina: Where Lazy Beach Days Get a Major Upgrade

Picture this: clear waters so shallow you’d think you’re in a gigantic, nature-made swimming pool, and sand so inviting you might just make a career out of sandcastle architecture. Welcome to Agia Marina Beach—where the sun knows your name, and the sea turtles are eager to play peekaboo.

This Blue-Flag awarded beach isn’t just another pretty coast; it’s an experience. Sun umbrellas, loungers for rent, restaurants with delectable seafood that’ll make your taste buds weep tears of joy—it’s all here. Fancy a paddleboard escapade? You got it. Ready to make friends with the local marine life through a snorkeling adventure? Ditto. Agia Marina is where Poseidon himself would chill if he were a mere mortal.

The ancient Temple of Apollo

The ancient Temple of Apollo will feel like a secret time portal. Stumbling upon such ancient sites is like finding treasure. This temple, dedicated to the namesake of sun and light, stood witness to history’s dance, each crumbling pillar a rhythm, and each etched stone a verse of a forgotten story. There’s a quiet dignity here; a kind of silence only broken by the whispers of the past. Allow yourself to be lost in thought, to imagine the buzz of life in a time far removed from our own. You’ll step back onto the ferry a changed traveler, informed by the whispers of the gulf’s ancient sages.

Hinterlands of Oros and Moni Island

For those scaling the peaks of adventure, Mount Oros stands regal as the island’s zenith. Half-an-hour’s drive, then a perky pedestrian climb, and you’re regaled with panoramic payback – an Aegean amphitheater where Poseidon and Apollo might have once taken in the morning mists. Canine companions join the cult of the mountain, barking their own hymns to the sky.

Island-hop in Aegina’s paradise, with Moni Island just a boat’s breath away from Perdika. Bask in the lunar landscape and plunge into the crystalline seas of Metakhna. This speck in the ocean, an untamed treasure, whispers the secrets of solitude.

Aegina Food and drinks 

Now, onto the serious business – food. Drift down to Perdika and prep yourself for a seafood symphony so fresh, it practically swam onto your plate. The catch of the day? A local delicacy that’ll have your taste buds doing backflips – dried octopus.

The Legendary Seafood Symphony in Perdika

Perdika is quaint little village of seafood dreams. March yourself down to the coast and prepare for a symphony of flavors. The deal here? The freshest catch, cooked to perfection, with a side of Aegean breeze. It’s so divine, you’ll want to write poetry about it.

Aegina dried octopus: A Tentacle Spectacle

The Greeks have been perfecting the art of octopus cuisine since before Zeus was a toddler. On Aegina, the grill masters of Perdika turn this ancient morsel into a culinary masterpiece. Imagine an octopus, sunbathed to perfection, then grilled over charcoal and served with a dash of lemon and a side of ouzo. Heavenly, right?

Pistachio Delights: Nuts About You

Not to be dramatic, but Aegina’s pistachios could well be one of the seven wonders. We’re talking pistachio-flavored everything—ice cream, pastries, you name it. Miss out on the pistachio baklava, and you’ve missed out on life.

Your Aegina Escape Checklist

  • Start early: Rise with the sun to make the most of your day trip.
  • Pack wisely: Comfortable shoes and a camera are your best friends on this adventure.
  • Budget for beauty: Your day won’t break the bank, with ferries, food, and entrance fees being incredibly affordable.
  • Immerse Yourself: This isn’t about ticking off a checklist, but about soaking in the island’s essence.
  • Solo Travelers and Group Stories: Whether you’re traveling solo or with friends, Aegina is a shared tale waiting to be told.
The Greek’s Final Offering

Before you leave, indulge in a gyro, the ‘souvlaki’ of choice for any self-respecting traveler. Savor every bite, for it isn’t just meat in pita—its flavor is a distillation of the day, a reminder of your Greek odyssey. You set sail in search of a respite, and in Aegina, you found a microcosm of Greece itself—a land whose every nook cradles a narrative.


You came, you saw, you captured it all—now all that’s left is the voyage back to Athens, ripe with reflection on an island that offers so much in so little time. Aegina, the acolyte to Athens’ ancient ways, promises a day like no other.If history isn’t your jam, the local flavors certainly will be. Step off at Agia Marina for a taste of island street life. Here, pace slows, and time seems to stand still. Peruse the ancient Temple of Aphaia and if you’re lucky, catch a local market. Don’t miss a chance to sip on authentic Greek ‘Ellinikos kafes’ and munch on the world-renowned Aegina pistachios – they’ll change your perspective on snacking forever.

I believe that you can travel the world without quitting your job. I believe that you can experience all the magic, the foodies and the cultures of the world while having a normal life. And, perhaps, two dogs. This is exactly what I’ve been doing for 15 years. This is exactly what my blog is about. Love, Lilia

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