Central AmericaTelica Sunset Hike

Telica Sunset Hike

Hiking Telica Volcano + Sunset

Signing up for a sunset trip to the Telica volcano is one of the most adventurous and chilled things you can do in Leon’s surroundings. Out of all the adventure, hiking, climbing tours, this one would fit pretty much everyone. The views are spectacular, the route is not crowded( we were the only group on the road). The feeling of being so close to the active volcano – you can smell it – is incredible. With a little bit of effort, a short moderate hike makes you feel even more accomplished.

What Telica sunset hike is like :

You hike the summit of the active volcano ( a 45-minute easy hike) . The slope is never too steep, and the volcano is covered in trees and plants. The higher you go, the more views open beneath you. At the end of your hike, you will be able to see all surroundings at 360 degrees – the beauty of the land of water and fire.

You can even stroll up to the crater’s edge and take a peek. Telica volcano is part of a volcanic chain that goes down to Lake Nicaragua. Several volcanoes are lined up, some erupting, some are quiet.

As soon as you reach the crater’s rim, you feel as if you’re standing next to a jet-set to take off. The odor of sulfur is strong, and it’s almost difficult to breathe. It was fortunate that there was a strong breeze blowing, and the scent and smoke were being sent in one direction.

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