EuropePubs in Dingle, Ireland: A Peek into Ireland’s Soul
Dingle Pubs things to do in Dingle

Pubs in Dingle, Ireland: A Peek into Ireland’s Soul

Dingle is a quaint town on Ireland’s southwest coast. With less than 1,500 people, this town is full of character and history. What’s even better is that everything is within walking distance, making it easy to explore and discover new things.

But how do they manage to fit them all in such a small little town with less than 1,500 people? The answer lies in the fact that the pubs are practically everywhere. People say that there’s a pub for every day of the year there – so take that, Dublin!

Dingle may be a small town, but it definitely punches above its weight in the pub department.

Dingle Pubs things to do in Dingle

Sick Mack’s on Green Street

If you’re looking for a truly unique experience, you’ve got to check out Sick Mack’s on Green Street.

They call it “the Last Pew” because it’s right across the road from the church – and that’s where you’ll find some of the locals on Sunday mornings, nursing a hangover rather than a prayer book. But what makes Sick Mack’s so special? Maybe it’s the cozy atmosphere. Maybe it’s the fact that it used to be a leather shop, and there are still shoes and leather goods on display. Or maybe it’s the celebrity fans, many of whom are Hollywood A-listers.

Sip on a pint of Guinness under the piercing gaze of Charlie Haughty – Ireland’s notorious former prime minister and a local legend. Not a fan of beer? Don’t worry, the pub also boasts an impressive collection of fine Irish whiskeys.Get in the “snug” and prepare for a “craic” – the kind of banter that makes you feel like a local, even if you’re not one.

Tipping in Irish Pubs

Navigating tipping customs in a foreign country can be an intimidating task on its own, but the ins and outs of Irish pub culture can certainly add another layer of confusion. As an unspoken rule, tipping isn’t necessary, but it is greatly valued. If you’ve been tended to by a server throughout your night, it’s customary to leave 10-15% of your total bill as a token of gratitude. However, if you’ve been posted up at the bar, tipping isn’t necessary, though it never hurts to show appreciation for excellent service. If you’ve made a connection with a particular bartender and would like to buy them a drink, go for it


If you’ve ever ordered a pint at a bar, you know that there’s a certain ritual involved in the pouring process. But if you’re a Guinness newbie, here’s the lowdown: the beer is poured in two stages. First, the bartender fills up the pint glass most of the way and then leaves it to sit for about a minute. After that, they come back and top it up. So if you’re thirsty and impatient, don’t reach for your glass or shout at the bartender. Just hold tight and let the Guinness work its magic. Trust us, it’s worth the wait.

A pinto or a glass?

If you’re new to the whole ‘pint’ versus ‘glass’ thing, remember that a ‘pint’ is the default option and will usually be a Guinness. But if you’re looking for a slightly smaller serving size, you can ask for a ‘glass’, which is about half the size of a pint.

What time do pubs close in Ireland?

Planning a night out in Ireland? Don’t be caught off guard by the early closing times at pubs! It’s not uncommon for pubs to close before midnight, even on weekends. So if you’re used to staying out until the wee hours of the morning, you might need to adjust your expectations a little.

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