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Epic Things to do in Dingle Peninsula in a Weekend

Looking for the best things to do in the Dingle Peninsula? You’re in for a treat! There’s no shortage of stunning natural scenery here, with miles of pristine coastline and rolling green hills to explore.

Best things to do in Dingle Peninsula

A visit to the Emerald Isle should always include a trip to the Dingle Peninsula. This charming coastal town in western Ireland is known for its stunning beaches and idyllic location along one of Ireland’s most scenic areas. A journey to Dingle wouldn’t be complete without exploring the breathtaking landscapes on hikes or driving along the picturesque seaside roads. The Dingle Peninsula is a natural wonder that will leave you in awe with its 30-mile stretch into the Atlantic Ocean. The stunning views, inspiring landscapes, and friendly locals are what makes this destination a must-see for anyone visiting Ireland.

Uncover the Magical Fairy Fort of Dingle

Fairy Forts, also known as Rath or Lios, are circular fortified settlements that date back to the Bronze age and can be found throughout Northern Europe. One of the most enchanting fairy forts is located on the scenic Slea Head Drive in Co. Kerry, Ireland. Known as Fairy Fort Dingle, this magical ringfort was once associated with the Tuatha Dé Danann and Fír Bolg, who were said to possess the ability to perform fairy magic. Folklore has it that these circular settlements were imbued with the magic of the Druids and were left untouched by the Irish due to their belief in fairies.

Have a Picture Perfect Day at the Pet Farm

In addition to its rich history, Fairy Fort site offers a charming pet farm filled with a variety of animals to make your visit even more memorable. The pet farm includes friendly sheep, lambs, goats, kids, horses, and donkeys that are accustomed to visitors and love to be fed rations. They even enjoy posing for the camera, making for an unforgettable photo opportunity. Whether you’re a family looking for a fun outing or an animal lover wanting to get closer to these lovable creatures, our pet farm is the perfect addition to your visit.

Hidden gems and breathtaking views on the Slea Head Drive

Starting and ending in the charming town of Dingle, it’s easy to find your way to the beginning of the route, just follow the signs to the Dingle Distillery. While it takes around 55 minutes to complete the entire loop, you’d be missing out on the true beauty of the drive if you did not stop. So, set aside at least 3.5 hours to wander along its winding path. Make sure to check out the Dun Chaoin Pier, the Dunmore Head viewpoint, the viewpoint at the White Cross and Coumeenoole Beach, which are some of the most popular and stunning stops on the route.

Discover the Most Spectacular Views at Dunquin Pier

Dunquin Pier, or Dún Chaoin as the locals call it, is a must-see destination when visiting Dingle. Dun Chaoin Pier in the village of Dunquin, known for being the starting point of the Blasket Island ferry.

Even if you don’t plan on taking the ferry to the Blasket Islands, the appearance of the pier is enough reason to stop by and take in the breathtaking scenery. From the pier, you’ll get a glimpse of the clear blue waters and the untarnished natural beauty that surrounds this little slice of heaven.

This charming pier rests on the westernmost point of the peninsula, offering panoramic views that can only be described as dramatic. From the winding, narrow road leading down to the pier, to the mountain ranges, cliffs, and ocean, every angle is a treat for the eyes.

Grab a cup of hot chocolate and indulge in “them best muffin you’ll ever have” from the food truck right by the pier, and take time to soak in the dramatic views of this stunning location. Dunquin Pier is truly one of the most unforgettable things to do in Dingle.

Dingle Pubs: The real Irish charm of Dingle one pub at a time

Dingle, Ireland: a destination that truly offers a peek into Ireland’s soul. While there is plenty to see and do in this quaint town, one of the ultimate experiences is to take in the pubs. And let’s be clear – there are a lot of them. With a reputation for having one pub for every day of the year, you can easily understand why Dingle is a spot that fills up fast! Despite the smaller size of the town, the pubs manage to pack in a ton of Irish charm and hospitality. What better way to explore Dingle and all of its character than by hopping from pub to pub.

An iconic Irish experience – Krugers Bar in Dunquin

This popular traditional Irish pub offers a one-of-a-kind experience for both locals and tourists. It’s its association with the film industry. Featured in the 1970 movie “Ryan’s Daughter,” the bar played an important part in putting Dunquin and the Dingle Peninsula on the map as a popular tourist destination.

Discover the Spectacular Ruins of Dingle Peninsula

The Dingle Peninsula is often known for its breathtaking views and rugged coastline. However, there is so much more to discover in this beautiful area. From ancient ruins to historic buildings, there is no shortage of things to see and do in Dingle town.

Reask Monastic Site

One of the must-visit sites is the Reask Monastic Site. This early medieval monastery is surrounded by an enclosure wall, containing the remains of a church, round houses, a workshop, and graveyards.

Kilmalkedar Church aka Cill Mhaoilcéadair

Among the many hidden gems is Kilmalkedar Church, a truly remarkable place that’s steeped in history and culture. This important medieval monastery played a crucial role on the pilgrimage route known as Cosán na Naomh – the Saints’ Path – which continues to Mount Brandon. The Romanesque church boasts impressive carvings, particularly the intricate designs on the doorway and chancel arch.

Garfinny Bridge

Garfinny Bridge, also known as Droichead na Gairfeanaí or “The Rainbow Bridge,” is a magnificent example of medieval architecture located near Lispole. This narrow stone bridge was constructed without the use of mortar and stands as one of the few medieval stone bridges that still remain in Ireland. The bridge crosses the Garfinny River and is situated on the old Dingle to Lispole road above the N86. Even though the road now uses a more modern bridge, the medieval bridge is still accessible and you can enjoy a walk across it. The Garfinny Bridgebridge has been declared a national monument of Ireland and has been restored recently by the Office of Public Works. Its high arched form has led to it being dubbed the Rainbow Bridge and remains one of the most impressive historical structures in the area.

Gallarus Oratory

This early Christian church, built between the seventh and eighth century, is the best-preserved example of dry-stone corbelling in all of Ireland. Its stones were placed at a slight angle, allowing water to run off, using techniques passed down from Neolithic tomb makers. Legend has it that climbing out of the oratory via the tiny 18cm x 12cm window can cleanse one’s soul, although the feat is physically impossible.

Discover the beauty of Ireland with Dingle’s Electric Bike Experience

There’s nothing quite like exploring a new place on a bike. It’s an eco-friendly way to take in the sights and sounds of your surroundings while getting some exercise. And when it comes to exploring the beauty of Ireland’s Dingle peninsula, the Dingle Electric Bike Experience is the way to go. This unique adventure not only includes picturesque views and cultural landmarks, but also introduces you to the local food and people. The Slea Head Cycle is the most popular tour, allowing you to explore Ireland’s breathtakingly beautiful views while pedalling through the stunning natural scenery.

Do rent the electric bike

If you want the freedom to travel through the hills of Ireland without feeling like you’re on the verge of collapse, your best bet is to rent an electric bike. Don’t underestimate the wind in Ireland – it’s not for the faint of heart.Trust me, you don’t want your adventure to turn into a misery ride to hell.

Dingle’s Blasket Islands

If you’re looking for adventure on the Dingle peninsula, visiting the Blasket islands is an absolute must. Boarding the ferry from Dunquin pier, you’ll be whisked away to one of the most westerly points in Europe. As you head towards the island, be sure to take in the stunning views and listen to the calls of the many seabirds that call the Blasket islands home. Get up close and personal with the island’s largest Grey Seal colony. With approximately four hours to explore the island, there’s plenty to see and do.

Explore West Kerry’s Coastline with Dingle Sea Safari

One of the best things to do in Dingle is to do the Dingle Sea Safari offers a truly unique experience that ticks off all the boxes for adventure enthusiasts. It gives you the opportunity to explore the awe-inspiring Great Blasket Islands up close, which is an experience in itself.This thrilling tour covers not just the islands, but also a lot of the West Kerry coastline. Witness the mesmerizing rock formations, gaze at the seals along the way, and take in the spectacular views of the cliffs and caves. And if that’s not enough, this tour also takes you to the planet of Luke Skywalker’s hideaway – where Star Wars was filmed!

Best things to do in Dingle Peninsula in a Weekend

  • Fairy Fort Dingle, a magical ringfort from the Bronze Age in Co. Kerry, Ireland, was associated with Tuatha Dé Danann and Fír Bolg who were believed to possess fairy magic.
  • Have a picture perfect day at the pet farm full of friendly sheep, lambs, goats, kids, horses and donkeys.
  • Explore hidden gems on the scenic Slea Head Drive including Dun Chaoin Pier, Dunmore Head viewpoint and Coumeenoole Beach.
  • Enjoy the breathtaking views of Dunquin Pier and indulge in local cuisine from the food truck right by the pier.
  • Experience the real Irish charm of Dingle one pub at a time hopping from pub to pub.
  • Discover ancient ruins such as Reask Monastic Site and Kilmalkedar Church during your trip.
  • Admire Garfinny Bridge aka Droichead na Gairfeanaí or “The Rainbow Bridge” – an impressive stone bridge without mortar declared a national monument of Ireland.
  • Explore stunning scenery with an electric bike rental – take in historical landmarks like Gallarus Oratory while pedalling through natural beauty.
  • Visit Blasket Island via Dunquin Pier for stunning views of seabirds and a close encounter with the largest Grey Seal colony.
  • Dingle Sea Safari offers adventure seekers the opportunity to explore the awe-inspiring Great Blasket Islands as well as West Kerry coastline, rock formations, caves, cliffs and Star Wars’ hideaway.

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