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10 Fun Facts about Pera Palace Hotel Istanbul

10 Fun Facts about Pera Palace Hotel

Famously, Agatha Christie stayed here before she wrote her novel ‘Murder on the Orient Express’, and Atatürk paid Mesrutiyet Street a visit too, staying in Pera Palace Hotel and choosing a room which has since become part of Istanbul’s rich heritage as a museum celebrating him and his legacy.

Ever wondered what it’s like to walk in the footsteps of legends? Agatha Christie penned ‘Murder on the Orient Express’ right here at the iconic Pera Palace Hotel, and even Atatürk graced Mesrutiyet Street with his presence. His chosen room has since transformed into a museum, celebrating his enduring legacy and Istanbul’s rich heritage.

Fun Facts about Pera Palace Hotel

Pera Palace Hotel is a legend of its own and a must-visit destination in Istanbul. After all, it has been graced by none other than Agatha Christie before she wrote the acclaimed Murder on the Orient Express as well as Mustafa Kemal Atatürk post founding of Turkey. While there are guided tours available to explore his very room which have been now converted into a museum.

Sultan’s palace

Did you know there was once a time when luxury was exclusive to the Sultan’s palace only? Well, that changed in 1892 when the Pera Palace Hotel opened in Istanbul. It could be considered as the first luxury 5-star hotel of its kind as it had the facilities to accommodate wealthy guests arriving from the Orient Express.

Natural Ventilation

The innovative building also had an interesting combination of modern airport and steelbuilding with elements inspired by wind rose patterns which allowed natural ventilation through its stained-glass dome which opened like flower petals! Though air conditioning has now been installed at the hotel, it continues to maintain a pleasant atmosphere that gives a refreshing respite even during summer.

First Elevator in Turkey

Fun facts about Pera Palace Hotel- it has a unique elevator that many people find fascinating. Not only is it the first in Turkey, it was also the second elevator to be installed in all of the world after the Eiffel Tower – talk about a grand distinction! The elevator is still operational, but it’s now just used to take passengers from ground level to the lobby and back down again. Of course, modern elevators are much roomier and have likely replaced this old beauty for daily use.

Pera Palace Atatürk Museum

But if you’re looking for an experience truly unique to Pera Palace Hotel, you can check out “museum-hotel” Room 101 – also known as the Atatürk Museum! A tribute to Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, this room contains some of his personal belongings such as clothing and curio

The Republican Ball

The iconic Turkish establishment has a long and rich history as its been the traditional venue for The Republican Ball on October 29th for many years. That’s not all though, because plenty of famous people have stayed at the hotel throughout time.

Famous Guests Of The Pera Palace Hotel

Kings, presidents, actors and authors alike have enjoyed the hospitality of Pera Palace Hotel – with names like King Edward VIII and Queen Elizabeth II, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk and Leon Trotsky ringing familiar bells. Well-known writers such as Ernest Hemingway, Alfred Hitchock and Greta Garbo have also experienced the majestic PPH first-hand.

Pera Palace Stairs

And here’s something quite entertaining: the stairs at Pera Palace Hotel were designed to make it easier to climb them than regular staircases – with each step being 12 cm high instead of 14-15 cm (as is usually is).

Ever wondered what it’s like to stay at the legendary Pera Palace Hotel?Check out this blog post for a peek inside the iconic Pera Palace Hotel!

Pera Palace hotel facts

•The hotel, built in 1892, was the first luxury 5-star hotel in the country and capable of accommodating wealthy guests arriving on the Orient Express.
• The building was the first public place to have electricity and hot water. It was also built according to the wind rose to create natural air conditioning.
• The hotel installed an electric elevator, which functions even today.

Room 101 has been converted into an Atatürk Museum containing many of his personal belongings.

•The Palace Hotel is a traditional venue for the Republican Ball, the celebration of the anniversary of the Republic of Turkey.
• Many celebrities, politicians and kings have stayed at Pera Palace Hotel, including English King Edward VIII and Queen Elizabeth II, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, Leon Trotsky, Greta Garbo, Sarah Bernhardt, Ernest Hemingway and Jacqueline Kennedy.
• The stairs at Pera Palace are designed to make it easier for guests to climb them.
• The Piano Suite features a century-old concert piano – making Pera Palace the only hotel in Istanbul with such an amenity in its suite.
• The first fashion show in Istanbul was held at Pera Place Hotel in 1926.
• Today, the hotel is considered an important historical building protected by Turkish Cultural Heritage Law and underwent massive renovation & restoration project worth 23 million euros in 2008.

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