CubaThe Ultimate ‘Support for the Cuban People’ Travel Itinerary
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The Ultimate ‘Support for the Cuban People’ Travel Itinerary

Support for the Cuban people travel cause…This is not your average “How to Spend 48 Hours in Havana” spiel. It’s an odyssey through the heart of Cuba that aligns with the U.S. ‘Support for the Cuban People’ travel category, ensuring that every step, every morsel, and every interaction positively impacts the vibrant Cuban community that you’ve come to support.

What is “Support for the Cuban People’ visa?

Before I share the ultimate Support for the Cuban People itinerary, let me decode what ‘Support for the Cuban People’ entails. It’s a fine balance between cultural immersion and altruism. This travel goal involves activities that directly benefit the Cuban community—be it by fostering cultural exchanges, staying in privately-owned accommodations (casa particulares), or dining in local paladares. It’s also pretty much the only way a US citizen can legally travel to Cuba and explore the country.

Why support the Cuban people? This is your chance to bypass establishments affiliated with the Cuban government and channel your resources straight to the heart of Cuba—the people. It’s an ethical, joyous way to travel, a sustainable way to travel.

Let, get straight to the support for the cuban people itinerary.

Day 1- A Support the Cuban People Visa Itinerary

To really experience the Cuban way of life, you need a handy guide and a whole lot of enthusiasm. Here’s your entrance ticket – your day one itinerary for immersing yourself deeply into the heart of Havana while aligning with ‘Support for the Cuban People’ visa regulations.


A Tour of Old Havana with an Independent Guide

Join a walking tour with a guide unbounded by the regime’s reins. These local experts infuse history with humor, and every dollar you spend enriches their personal ventures. Tread the cobbled streets, taking in the peeling paint of colonial grandeur and the irrepressible rhythm of the city.

Scratching your head on where to find independent guides? Airbnb Experiences is your new best friend, brimming with independent entrepreneurs itching to show you the real Havana. But hey, don’t take their word for it. Do a little digging to ensure they’re truly flying solo and not under the government’s wing.


Learning the fine art of mojito mixing isn’t just an excuse to enjoy Cuba’s signature cocktail; it’s a chance to engage with passionate locals. Seek out an independent, off-the-beaten-path class — the kind where you can almost feel Hemingway’s ghost nodding in approval as you muddle for Cuba libre (pun intended).Take a mojito-making class, not just for the skill but for the storytelling that comes with it.


Paladares, the People’s Eateries

Paladares are small, family-run restaurants that have sprung up across Cuba, true oases of culinary freedom and enterprise. Dine on dishes crafted with love and history. The paladar experience is no tango for taste buds — it’s a full-blown salsa, every flavor bursting with the story of a people who adore their food.

Dance Your Cares Away

Music isn’t just a hobby in Havana; it’s a way of life. The city’s thoroughfares often transform into open-air dance floors, inviting you to shed your inhibitions and join the revelry. At Casa de la Musica, the quintessential venue to catch a live salsa performance, you’ll witness the energy as it shifts from the strings of the guitar to the swaying of the crowd. Take a dance lesson, challenge a local, or merely tap your feet to the rhythm – just make sure you don’t skip this crucial Cuban ritual.

Cuban Jazz

Not into dancing? You can still dive deep into the rhythms of Cuban culture – Cuban Jazz and Beyond. The Tropicana Show might be the biggest bird in town (and definitely governmentally owned so no-go for you), but it’s the chirps and trills from the lesser-known nests that’ll truly enchant you.

Head to a local jazz club like ‘La Zorra y el Cuervo’ or ‘El Gato Tuerto’ for an intimate session with Cuba’s musical legends of the future. Each note, each chord, weaves a story of the past, the present, and the unyielding Cuban spirit and alligns with the Support for Cuban People Itinerary perfectly.


Retreat to a local casa particular, hosted by a Cuban family who open not just their homes but their lives to you. This isn’t just a place to sleep; it’s a treasured cultural exchange where stories are shared and friendships forged.

Day 2 – A Support the Cuban People Visa Itinerary

The Trio of Fortresses:

  • La Fuerza Fortress: A stronghold that’s seen it all – from pirates to its very own moat.
  • Complex La Cabaña: A sprawl of history and stunning ocean views.
  • El Morro: Not just a fortress but a beacon across the ages, complete with sunset cannon firings that’ll blow your mind.

Santería and Afro-Cuban Spirituality

Cuba’s cemented in Catholic tradition, yes, but its soul? Its funk and fire dance to a different beat. Visit the Callejón de Hamel, a vibrant alley adorned with sacred Santería art that portrays the fusion of African and Catholic beliefs, and possibly participate in a ceremony if the day aligns with cultural festivities.


Art Beyond Museums

Cuba’s art isn’t confined to galleries; it spills out into the open, a testament to freedom of expression in a land where it’s both cherished and challenged. Havana’s art scene is a vein of expression that isn’t confined to the gallery space. It’s in the vibrant murals depicting Cuban dreams and in the sculptures adorning public spaces. Paseo de Marti, a bustling promenade, is an open-air exhibition. Here, eclectic artistry meets independent hustlers, offering you a piece of Havana’s creative narrative.


Shop local until you drop

It’s not just the Cuban music that’s a work of art—your cash can support local artisans too. Down alleyways and across squares, you’ll stumble upon galleries and pop-up shops where craftsmen peddle the fruits of their labor. And not just for show—these keepsakes bear witness to Cuba’s cultural tapestry and can be a part of your home’s story too.


Paladars, the Unsung Heroes

Time to feast at paladars, home-owned Cuban restaurants. They’re the underdogs of the culinary scene, crafting dishes with love and a ‘can do’ ethos.


Learn how to play dominos with the locals

Dominos aren’t just a game in Havana—they’re a way of life. Head to the nearest plaza and challenge a local to a game or just enjoy the intense matches that are often more animated than their salsa counterparts. This simple act strengthens community ties and puts pesos in the pockets of everyday Cubans.


Malecón by Moonlight

The night young when the sun sets, they say, but in Havana, the Malecón is where it begins. A late-night stroll along the iconic seafront promenade is an opportunity to encounter the inner soul of this vibrant city. Here, under dimly lit street lamps, locals and visitors alike share stories, music, and the overarching hope for a brighter future. Take in the atmosphere, chat with newly made friends, and marvel at the city’s resilience.

Practical Pointers to Keep the Cuban Rhythm

It’s not all about the itinerary; having the right mindset and keeping a finger on the pulse of the place is what will turn your trip from memorable to magical.

Travel Tips that Tango

Pack your patience. Cuba runs on ‘Cuban time,’ a whimsical clock often without hands. Your plans might sway like a palm, so flexibility is key.

Dollars and Sense in Cuban Context

Currency conundrum? Not anymore. Take the time to understand the dual currency system, the CUC and the CUP, and where and how to use them to maximize impact.

Phrasebook Phantasies – Speak (Basic) Cuban

Don’t expect fluency, but a little effort in the local lingo can open up doors and hearts. A ‘gracias’ can go yonder!


Cuba isn’t just a destination; it’s a state of mind, an affirmation of life’s indomitable spirit. Your ‘Support for the People’ itinerary is more than a checklist of places to see and things to do; it’s a testament to the human connection that transcends borders and policies.

I believe that you can travel the world without quitting your job. I believe that you can experience all the magic, the foodies and the cultures of the world while having a normal life. And, perhaps, two dogs. This is exactly what I’ve been doing for 15 years. This is exactly what my blog is about. Love, Lilia

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