GreeceDiscovering Megalochori: Santorini’s Best-Kept Secret
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Discovering Megalochori: Santorini’s Best-Kept Secret

What To Do in Megalochori

While the village may be small in size, it looms large in experiences. Here’s a sample of what you can pack into a day in this Santorinian gem.

Iconic Domes and Bells

The church of Agios Ioannis Baptistis, with its vibrant blue dome and the bell tower of the church of St. Paraskevi, seem to stand guard over Megalochori, timeless testaments to faith and fortitude.

The Mansions of the Merchant Marines

The mansions of Argyros and Gavalas are reinvented today as delightful wineries, but remain striking in their original glory. Their shaded courtyards and tasting rooms are the perfect spots to sample the local wine and hear tales of the region’s seafaring ancestors.

Visiting the Cornucopia Square

This is the beating heart of the village, where every pathway of Megalochori seems to converge. Cornucopia Square’s plane trees provide respite from the sun, and the town’s kafeneion is a hub of local activity.

Explore the Labyrinth of Lanes

Lose yourself in the cobble-stoned corridors, where the only sounds are the echoes of your own footsteps. This is not a place to rush; it’s a village to ponder. Take time to photograph charming alleyways, laden with bougainvillea and the washing lines of the locals.

Savor the Sense of Place in Local Tavernas

Stop by one of the traditional Greek tavernas for a taste of local authenticity that’s a world away from the bustling tourist traps of Fira and Oia. Megalochori’s culinary scene is about home-cooked classics paired with the earthy notes of Vinsanto, the region’s sweet, rich wine.

Pebble Beaches and Aegean Blues

The hidden gem of Megalochori isn’t just on land; its coastline boasts secluded pebble beaches and crystal-clear waters.

Why You Should Visit Megalochori Village

In a world where places are increasingly losing their raw, rustic voice to commercial curation, visits to locales like Megalochori feel almost necessary. Not only is it a breath of fresh Aegean air, but it serves as a reminder of what travel should be—a pause in time, a reverent glimpse into local life.

Escape the Ordinary

For the traveler seeking a reprieve from the standard Santorini fair, Megalochori offers the perfect escape. Its unassuming beauty, genuine hospitality, and the perpetual sense that you’ve stumbled into something extraordinary make it a must-see for those who travel to feel, not just to check-in.

Capture Timeless Moments

There’s an art to living in the moment, and Megalochori sets the stage for just that. It’s the kind of place where every sunrise promises the start of a Santorinian adventure, and every sunset bids a farewell to days that will etch themselves into your memory.

Support Local Heritage

By visiting Megalochori, you become part of a narrative that’s far bigger than a single vacation. Supporting the local economy, engaging with villagers, and cherishing the town’s traditions are ways to ensure that Megalochori remains the unspoiled paradise it is today for generations to come.

A Wine Connoisseur’s Paradise

Beyond the charming streets, Megalochori is a significant stop on the Santorini wine trail. Visiting the local wineries here can provide an education on how volcanic ash soils and unique growing conditions produce wines that are as distinctive as the island itself.

Unveiling the Allure of Megalochori

Santorini, known for its postcard-perfect sunsets and dramatic caldera views, often overshadows the more subtle charm of Megalochori. For those seeking an authentic Santorini experience, Megalochori offers an unblemished retreat. Its name itself translates to ‘good village’, and it stays true to this moniker, exuding an almost tangible sense of tranquility and community. The village’s cobblestone alleys, Venetian castle remnants, and traditional whitewashed buildings tell stories dating back centuries.

Getting to Megalochori

While the village may not be as straightforward to reach as some of Santorini’s more prominent locales. Megalochori is accessible by local bus, rented vehicle, or even on foot if you’re feeling intrepid. The village is small enough to explore on foot. But there are also many beautiful routes that lead to Megalochori from neighboring towns for a longer, scenic hike or bike ride.

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