AsiaUzbekistan Safety: is Uzbekistan a Safe Country to Travel to ?
Uzbekistan solo female traveler safety

Uzbekistan Safety: is Uzbekistan a Safe Country to Travel to ?

Uzbekistan travel safety is an important thing to consider .I should begin this post by saying that Uzbekistan is on top of the safest countries to travel.

Politically, Uzbekistan has been a very stable country for decades. There hasn’t been a single war or a protest for over 20 years.

Is it worth visiting? Absolutely, read all the best reasons to visit Uzbekistan in this blog.

Is Uzbekistan Safe to Travel To?

Very few countries have a dedicated police unit for tourism; Uzbekistan is one of them. The tourist police’s purpose is to protect tourists from possible threats. Every officer in tourist police speaks English, so you will never have communication issues, need you ask for directions, advice or help.

The tourism police officers is stationed in significant tourist attractions. In Samarkand, you will see police officers all around Registan square. They are very friendly and will show you the way or answer any of your “touristy” questions. There are police officers at almost every entrance to the metro in Tashkent, train stations, museums and malls.

The overall crime rate in Uzbekistan is very low. Vigorous law enforcement, strict penalties and law-abiding citizens has be the government’s priority for a long time. Even the turbulence in neighboring Afganistan has not affected the country’s peace – there has not been a single terract.
Traveling to Uzbekistan is way safer than traveling to Paris, Barcelona or New York.

Tourism is vital for the country’s economy. Uzbekistan government doesn’t stop here; it is continually developing new, better ways to increase travel safety and make travel around the country more convenient.

Traveling to Uzbekistan as a solo female

Uzbekistan travel safety for female travelers?

Uzbekistan solo female traveler safety

As I mentioned earlier, Uzbekistan is an incredibly safe country to travel to. It consists of the predominantly male population, so be ready to get some looks and compliments. This is as far as local men will go. Use common sense (don’t get in a car with strangers, don’t walk around alone at night ) and you’ll be safe. This country cares the world about tourists’ experience.
Sexual harassment is sporadic, and as a tourist, you have nothing to worry about. Smoking is not considered feminine in Uzbekistan; you may get a few looks from the locals smoking a cigarette. Taking all this into account, Uzbekistan travel safety is still one of the highest in the world.

What to wear for a female traveling in Uzbekistan

There are no strict clothing requirements in Uzbekistan, meaning you don’t have to cover your hair, shoulder, arms and legs. Especially in big cities like Tashkent, where the predominantly younger generation imitates the West’s lifestyle and clothing.
However, remember that. Uzbekistan is a Muslim country and showing too much skin just shows your disrespect. It can get you more looks and compliments from the hot-blooded Uzbeki men.

You will see many women wearing traditional Muslim clothes and covering their hair with shawls, but this is their personal preference. There is no national rule in Uzbekistan that a Muslim woman should cover her head.
Recently, Uzbeki’s traditional clothes and prints have been a trend among local women. These silk dresses, made from local fabrics named khan-atlas are absolutely stunning. You probably will want to get one for yourself too. And modern Uzbeki women wear it to be in trend, mix it with jeans and other contemporary pieces.

Read more about what to wear in Uzbekistan as a female traveler in this article

Uzbekistan travel tips

You will see many women wearing traditional Muslim clothes and covering their hair with shawls, but this is their personal preference. There is no national rule in Uzbekistan that a Muslim woman should cover her head.
Recently, Uzbeki’s traditional clothes and prints have been a trend among local women. These silk dresses, made from local fabrics named khan-atlas are absolutely stunning. You probably will want to get one for yourself too. And modern Uzbeki women wear it to be in trend, mix it with jeans and other contemporary pieces.

It has also become popular among Uzbek women in recent years to wear traditional dresses made from local fabrics such as khan-atlas.
Uzbekistan has no clothing requirements for it, especially in Tashkent and other large cities, with its younger population.

Driving in Uzbekistan

When traveling in groups, tourists should carefully follow the guide’s instructions when crossing roads, especially on major highways.
It is always a smart idea to have photos of your passport in your phone and/or even better – copy. If the police stop you, you will have to show them your passports, driving license/permit and follow them to the police station if they ask you.

Etiquette tips for traveling to Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan shares the influence of Zoroastrianism, Islam, the USSR and the West. It all comes together in a grotesque mix of traditions and customs.
I can promise you one thing :you are not likely to encounter hospitality and genuine warmth Uzbeki people are so famous for, anywhere in the world.

It’s normal to be invited to a local home for dinner or lunch. If you accept the invitation, prepare to eat all kinds of food the family puts on a table. Treating a guest is a particular chapter in the Uzbeki hospitality book. They will serve you the best dishes they can make and maybe ask you to stay overnight.

Unlike some Muslim countries, alcohol and tobacco are not prohibited. However, you can’t have an open container in the streets. There is a limited amount of outdoor cafes that serve alcohol outside, but going to the tourist-friendly areas, you sure will find some!

Embassy registration

If you plan to be traveling or staying in Uzbekistan for longer than a month, registering with your embassy is a good idea.
If you become a victim of a robbery, get to the hospital, lose your passport, get arrested or have any other unpleasant travel experience, your consuler officers will be able to assist you, reissue your passport and if the worst comes to worst even allocate funds so you can return home.

Uzbekistan travel safety tips
Uzbekistan female traveler
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