FloridaThe Ultimate One Week Miami Itinerary from a Local
Miami one week itinerary

The Ultimate One Week Miami Itinerary from a Local

Welcome to Miami, where the sun always shines and the fun never stops! Wondering how to spend an unforgettable week in this vibrant city? With one week in Miami, you can soak up the sun, indulge in diverse cuisines, and immerse yourself in art and history. Whether you’re a beach bum, an art lover, or an adventure seeker, this itinerary ensures you’ll experience the best of Miami.

Miami: A Perfect One Week Itinerary

I’ve been living here for years, exploring every corner and the surroundings, and I’ve crafted the perfect itinerary to pack the max into one week.

Miami offers a blend of relaxation, active lifestyle, and a buzzing art scene—not to mention the foodie paradise around every corner.

Ready to plan your perfect week?

The Ultimate One Week Guide to Miami

Day 1 Explore the Wonders of South Beach

Discovering Art Deco Charm

Welcome to South Beach, Miami’s crown jewel. Start your day with a leisurely stroll down Ocean Drive, where colorful Art Deco buildings transport you back to the 1930s. Be sure to snap some Instagram-worthy shots of these pastel-hued masterpieces.

Sun and Sand at Lummus Park

After soaking in the Art Deco vibes, head over to Lummus Park Beach. This iconic stretch of sand is perfect for sunbathing, people-watching, and enjoying the ocean breeze. Don’t forget to dip your toes in the warm, turquoise waters!

Savory Delights on Lincoln Road

When hunger strikes, Lincoln Road is the place to be. This pedestrian street is lined with charming cafes and restaurants, offering everything from Cuban cuisine to gourmet burgers. Enjoy a relaxed meal and some retail therapy at the trendy boutiques.

Day 2 Immerse Yourself in Wynwood and Downtown

The Artistic Wonderland of Wynwood Walls

Wynwood Walls are a must-see for any art lover. This outdoor museum features massive murals painted by artists from around the world. Take your time exploring the vibrant street art and capture the creativity on camera.

Downtown Miami’s Modern Marvels

Next, venture into Downtown Miami. Start at Bayfront Park, where you can take a scenic walk along Biscayne Bay. Then, head to the Pérez Art Museum Miami (PAMM) for contemporary art exhibits and stunning waterfront views.

Culinary Adventures in Brickell

End your day with dinner in Brickell, Downtown’s bustling financial district. Known for its high-rise buildings and chic restaurants, Brickell offers a range of culinary delights. From rooftop bars to farm-to-table eateries, you’ll find the perfect spot to dine.

Day 3- Florida Keys Day Trip

Drive the Overseas Highway

Day five involves a scenic road trip down to the Florida Keys. The Overseas Highway offers stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico, making the drive as enjoyable as the destination.

Explore Key Largo

Stop in Key Largo, the first of the Florida Keys. Visit John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park, where you can snorkel along the vibrant coral reefs or take a glass-bottom boat tour to see the underwater world without getting wet.

Visit Key West

Continue to Key West. Check out the Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum, stroll along Duval Street, and catch the sunset at Mallory Square.

Savor Fresh Seafood

Finish your day with a meal at one of Key Largo’s seafood restaurants. Enjoy the day’s fresh catch while watching the sunset over the water.

Day 4 – Beach and Little Havana 

Morning Beach Visits

Start your day with a refreshing beach visit. Here are a few top picks:

  • South Pointe Park Beach
  • Surfside Beach
  • Sunny Isles Beach

Exploring Little Havana

In the afternoon, switch gears and head to Little Havana. This lively neighborhood is a slice of Cuban culture in the heart of Miami. Start at Calle Ocho, the main street where you’ll find colorful murals, lively music, and delicious food. Visit Domino Park to see locals engaged in intense games of dominoes, a Cuban tradition.

Taste Authentic Cuban Cuisine

No trip to Little Havana is complete without trying some authentic Cuban dishes. Stop by Versailles for classic Cuban sandwiches, empanadas, and rich, aromatic coffee. For dessert, indulge in some sweet treats like pastelitos or flan at one of the local bakeries.

Experience the Nightlife

Little Havana comes alive at night. Dance to live salsa music at Ball & Chain, a historic venue that has been entertaining guests since the 1930s. The vibrant atmosphere and infectious rhythms will have you dancing the night away.

Day 5 – Palm Beach 

day trip to Palm Beach. Known for its luxury and beauty, Palm Beach promises a blend of stunning coastlines and historic charm. Wander along Worth Avenue, often compared to Rodeo Drive, and soak in the high-end shops and Mediterranean architecture.

Discover Morikami Gardens

Next, head to the Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens. These serene gardens offer a tranquil escape from the bustling city life. Stroll through six distinct gardens inspired by different historical periods in Japan. Don’t miss the bonsai collection and the koi ponds—an Instagram-worthy experience!

Main Sights and Things to Do

  • Worth Avenue
  • Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens
  • The Flagler Museum

Day 6- – Everglades Adventure

Embark on an Everglades Airboat Tour

No trip to Miami is complete without a visit to the Everglades. Take an airboat tour to see this unique ecosystem up close. You’ll have the chance to spot alligators, birds, and other wildlife in their natural habitat.

Visit the Shark Valley

After your airboat tour, head to Shark Valley Visitor Center. You can rent bikes or take a tram tour along the 15-mile trail, providing another perspective of the Everglades’ vast landscape.

Enjoy a Nature Walk

Don’t rush back to the city; take your time to enjoy a peaceful nature walk on one of the shorter trails. The Anhinga Trail is particularly popular for wildlife viewing.


After your Everglades adventure, head back to Miami and indulge in some delicious seafood at Monty’s Raw Bar. Their fresh oysters and seafood platters are the perfect end to an adventurous day.

Day 7 – South Beach Revisited

Morning Yoga on the Beach

Start your final day in Miami with a rejuvenating yoga session on the beach. Many local studios offer morning classes right on the sand, providing a peaceful way to greet the day.

Explore the Miami Beach Boardwalk

Spend the rest of your morning walking or biking along the Miami Beach Boardwalk. It stretches for miles along the ocean, offering beautiful views and plenty of spots to stop and relax.

Sunset at Standard Hotel

Wrap up your day with a sunset view at the Standard Hotel in Miami Beach. Their outdoor deck offers a serene setting, and the sunset views are absolutely mesmerizing. It’s the perfect spot to relax with a cocktail in hand.

Farewell Dinner in South Beach

Wrap up your week in Miami with a memorable dinner in South Beach. Choose a restaurant with a view and toast to your amazing week in one of the most exciting cities in the world.

Wrap Up Your Miami Itinerary

One week in Miami is enough to fall in love with its diverse offerings. From the vibrant street art of Wynwood to the serene beauty of Morikami Gardens, this city has it all. Whether you’re a beach lover, an art enthusiast, or a foodie, Miami promises an unforgettable experience.

Ready to plan your trip? Book your flights, pack your bags, and get ready for an adventure you’ll cherish forever. For personalized travel tips and exclusive deals, join our travel community today. Happy travels!

Miami Travel Itinerary

Day 1: Explore the Wonders of South Beach
  • Discovering Art Deco Charm  

Stroll down Ocean Drive and snap photos of the colorful Art Deco buildings.

  • Sun and Sand at Lummus Park  

Sunbathe, people-watch, and dip your toes in the turquoise waters.

  • Savory Delights on Lincoln Road  

Enjoy meals at charming cafes and restaurants, followed by retail therapy.

Day 2: Immerse Yourself in Wynwood and Downtown
  • The Artistic Wonderland of Wynwood Walls  

Explore vibrant murals and street art.

  • Downtown Miami’s Modern Marvels  

Walk along Biscayne Bay at Bayfront Park and visit the Pérez Art Museum Miami (PAMM).

  • Culinary Adventures in Brickell  

Dine at chic restaurants and rooftop bars in the bustling financial district.

Day 3: Florida Keys Day Trip
  • Drive the Overseas Highway  

Enjoy stunning ocean views en route to the Keys.

  • Explore Key Largo  

Snorkel or take a glass-bottom boat tour at John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park.

  • Visit Key West  

Tour the Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum, stroll Duval Street, and watch the sunset at Mallory Square.

Day 4: Beach and Little Havana
  • Morning Beach Visits  

Relax at South Pointe Park Beach, Surfside Beach, or Sunny Isles Beach.

  • Exploring Little Havana  

Visit Calle Ocho, Domino Park, and savor Cuban cuisine at Versailles.

  • Experience the Nightlife  

Enjoy the lively atmosphere and vibrant nightlife.

Day 5: Palm Beach Day Trip
  • Wander Worth Avenue  

Explore luxury shops and Mediterranean architecture.

  • Discover Morikami Gardens  

Stroll through serene Japanese gardens and enjoy the bonsai and koi ponds.

Day 6: Everglades Adventure
  • Everglades Airboat Tour  

Spot alligators and other wildlife in their natural habitat.

  • Visit Shark Valley  

Rent bikes or take a tram tour along the 15-mile trail.

  • Enjoy a Nature Walk  

Take a peaceful walk on the Anhinga Trail.

Day 7: South Beach Revisited

  • Morning Yoga on the Beach  

Start your day with a yoga session on the sand.

  • Explore the Miami Beach Boardwalk  

Walk or bike along the boardwalk for beautiful ocean views.

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