AsiaOne Day Moscow Itinerary: Essential Sights in a Chilled Mode
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One Day Moscow Itinerary: Essential Sights in a Chilled Mode

Russia’s capital is such an enchanting city, with such a rich cultural history.
Moscow’s most convenient thing is that the key monuments, the absolute must-see symbols of Russia are all concentrated in the same area. It makes it easy to see the main sights if you have a one-day or even a 12-hour layover in Moscow.

How to see Moscow in One day : Travel Itinerary

Here is the route that will only take you 2 hours to hit the most important and photographed sights. And you can do it all on foot. But the most important thing you can visit in a few hours.

In Russian folk speech, red is not only a color designation. It’s also “beautiful”. A beautiful girl, a corner with icons in a Russian hut and, of course, the country’s main square are called red. Come to Red Square, and you will see several of the best Moscow sights at once. First of all, it is, of course, the Kremlin – the official residence of the Russian president. Check your clock with the chimes on the Spasskaya Tower, take a picture in front of the State Historical Museum and move on!

How to see the best of Moscow in 1 day

A layover itinerary

St. Basil’s Cathedral

This temple was built in the 16th century by Ivan the Terrible – one of the cruelest tsars in Russia’s history. Legend has it that this magnificent temple with amazing multi-colored domes was erected by Russian architects Barma and Postnik. As soon as the construction was completed, Ivan the Terrible ordered the architects to gouge their eyes out so that they would never again be able to build a church more beautiful than the Cathedral of St. Basil the Blessed. Until now, this temple is considered one of the most beautiful in the whole world, so everyone who has eyes should see it!

Skating rink on Red Square

Just outside the GUM Department Store facing Red Square, there is the most famous. Who wouldn’t want to skate around Red Square with the stunning view of the Kremlin’s historical scenery? It is decorated with old cartoon characters and balloon shapes. The details make it so lovely. I am an ice skating enthusiast, and if I was Putin, I would be skating there every morning before work! A session costs 150 to 300 rubles depending on time

Moscow’s GUM

The abbreviation GUM stands for “Main Department Store”. But people come here not so much for the shopping but for the experience. The building is enormous and delicately decorated. It is an architectural monument, occupies an entire quarter of Kitay-Gorod and overlooks the Red Square. They also sell incredibly delicious ice cream! It is hand-made, organic, and uses the ancient recipe.
Bolshoi Theater

Moscow’s Big Theater

The Bolshoi Theater with the opulent, neo-classical facade is one of Russia’s symbols, a place of worship on the world map of opera and ballet. It is a short walk from Red Square and the Kremlin. Home to the best singers and dancers of Russia and to some of its most opulent productions. The building is depicted in a 100 ruble bill. Fyodor Chaliapin sang here, Maya Plisetskaya and Galina Ulanova danced, and dozens of other legends of the theatrical world. It is believed that the entire Theater Square is cursed by an evil doctor, who in the 16th century, during the plague epidemic, tried to poison and rob an entire family. A little boy survived, he called for help from his neighbors, and they drowned the villain in a swamp. True or fictional, terrible fires happened at least five times in the Bolshoi Theater’s grandiose building. If you have time and desire, visit one of the performances. If you have only one day – just take a photo in front of the mysterious building with a chariot.

Kuznetsky Most

This is the name of one of the most luxurious streets in Moscow. In the 17th and 18th centuries, the richest and most famous families of the city lived here, the most expensive and luxurious hotels and restaurants, shops and ateliers were located here. Well, nothing has changed since then! Nowadays it’s home the some of the most luxurious real estate, top brand shops, and restaurants. The pedestrian zone is perfect for a leisurely stroll.
The distance between these locations will be no more than 2.5 km, so you make for an entertaining walk, and there is no way you will get tired. Many apps will help you navigate this area.
However, if you want to see “the rea;” Moscow, you will need transportation and more than a few hours. But I’ll tell you about this another time!

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