Lisbon is one of the top travel destinations

Portugal has emerged as one of the most popular destinations in Europe. 

Lisbon is one of the prettiest world capitals and has something to offer for every visitor. Old plazas, glorious food scenes, hilltop location with great view spots, museums, and cathedrals.

Lisbon’s symbol is a once red and green streetcar still used as a public transportation in Lisbon.

Lisbon is known for its miradouros – the city viewpoints.

The city is founded on hills and hundreds of twisting streets bring you to the stairs leading to the lookout points. 

What can be more Instagram perfect than vibrantly colored buildings that you see on every step in Lisbon?

Sintra: the fairy-tale location

Just a 40-minute train ride from Lisbon, and you time travel to the glorious past of Portugal. Sintra is a UNESCO site recognized for its original palaces, castles and lush gardens.

Best time to visit Portugal

Summer is Portugal’s peak tourist season. More and more travelers opt for autumn and winter. There are fantastic deals on airfare, tours 

and lodging and the temperature is mild and pleasant. 

The fall and winter are an excellent time to explore Portugal because the temperatures are mild. There’s fantastic value to be found on airfare, hotels and tours.

Exploring the Moorish Castle of Sintra

Maybe because it has more history than all of the Sintra sights combined , maybe because it has the most authentic feel to it , less crowds and the true bird’s eye view for everything including Atlantic Ocean if you are lucky , visiting Moorish Castle in Sintra was one of the highlights of my Portugal trip . There is…

Why You Should Visit Pena Palace

Why you should visit Pena Palace. The Sintra region had been a favorite of English travelers since the Crusades. Sintra seems to have it all : spectacular palaces and mansions, lush parks, Roman ruins and Europe’s westernmost shores with wild rocky cliffs, sandy beaches and natural pools. No wonder , that later , around 15 century , Philippa, daughter of…