Antigua is the soul of Guatemala

Stepping off the ramp stairs of the airplane, my mind told me my expectation would be surpassed by all the wildest ideas that have formed in my head about this country.The expectations and reality on the ground are not quite the same, it will leave you indifferent in the end.

Antigua today is a fusion of cultures. A unique place where you can find modern Guatemalans wearing jeans and Calvin Klein t-shirts blend with Mayan Indians wearing traditional clothes.

Elderly Mayan women sit for hours on benches, in the back rooms of shops, in the central park, weaving huipils (pronounced WEE-peel) in every bright color imaginable. Vivid reds, greens, blues and purples. The huipil is a square clothing garment sewed up the sides with holes for the head and arms.

In other parts of Antigua, you can witness local men carrying hand-woven woolen rugs and rugs strapped in a sling to their backs to sell on the way. Even children are involved in the trade.

Guatemala: lakes and volcanoes

Most of the must-do Guatemala tour are easily accessible from Antigua . Whether you want to do the phenomenal hikes , exploring and volcano adventures – if you travel to Guatemala , Antigua is the place to be based at .

Lake Atitlán is one of the deepest lakes in the Americas. 

The most famous lake of Guatemala is embellished with three dormant volcanoes, their peaks often clouded by mist.

The lake has been a home base, muse, and inspiration for writers since Exupery, who wrote his famous Little Price book inspired by the teal blue waters of Atitlan.

While Spanish is the primary language in Guatemala, the Indians still speak Mam ,Quiche, Cakchiquel, Kekchi, – in their native dialects.

Guatemala travel revolves around volcanos

Lush green mountains and volcanoes surround Antigua and, and if you are feeling adventurous, there is an exhilarating, though exhausting, five-hour trek up the tallest volcano in Central America – Acatenango.
Acatenango climb is considered safe, and once you summit, you can experience the kind of enthusiasm that mountaineers must have felt when they first conquered Everest. One note of caution: don’t underestimate the altitude.

There is a more relaxed but steep climb up Pacaya (an active volcano)which takes just a few hours. There is the constant sound of eruptions on the way up Pacaya. You can see red and orange sparks can flying out from a deep crevice.

Culture in Antigua

It’s not all about active adventure tourism in Guatemala. There are some great museums in Antigua :
The Colonial Museum of the Old Book and the St. James Museum have exceptional sculptures and work in silver, gold and iron, and ancient pottery. As well as 17 th century Baroque art on display.