If you are planning on taking a trip to Hungary’s capital , here are the basic Budapest travel tips and things you should know before you go . A visit to Hungary’s striking capital means being right on the Danube River , in one of Europe’s finest cities. One of the largest cities in Europe, ,with the trees on the hills above the Danube matching the russet and yellow ornamental tiles of cathedrals and churches , is split into two sides, Buda and Pest, was once two separate cities until 1873.

Now the two sides complete Budapest, packing this unique city full of eclectic bars, incredible architecture, coffee culture, museums, and castles. Here’s the ultimate guide to a trip to Budapest.

Budapest is a city of art , history , architecture and of course, curative thermal baths. But it’s not all ancient history: it is also home to some of the best restaurants, clubs and cafes in all of “new” Europe.

Getting Around Budapest

First of all , get ready for legwork . Buda has steep hills, while Pest’s long boulevards are seemingly without end. 

Getting around Budapest is quite simple. It’s a very walkable city, so walking is always an option. However, if you’re going out of the city center or don’t feel like walking, there are the options of taxis, bicycles, trolleys, trams, buses, and an efficient metro system.

Getting around Budapest

A single ticket for public transportation is 350 HUF (~€1) with one-day, three-day, or weekly passes also available.

Another excellent way to get around Budapest and do some sightseeing is to use the public bicycles called BuBi. You can quickly register at one of the main docking stations or online and use the bikes free of charge for 30 minute intervals. You can purchase 24-hour, 72-hour or 7-day tickets. There are longer passes available for those living or staying longer in Budapest.

Bonus Tip: Uber has been banned in Budapest since 2016. Lyft also doesn’t operate here.

Budapest Travel Tips : Know Before You Go

The local language in Budapest in Hungarian. But don’t worry, English is widely spoken

throughout the city and restaurants and cafes will have English menus available for visitors.

The local currency is Hungarian Forints. €1 is around 350 HUF. It’s a good call to have a little bit

of cash that you can easily take out using your debit card at an ATM in the city as some

locations won’t accept card payments.

When it comes to tipping, 10-15% is customary at restaurants, but some establishments add

the service charge to the end of the bill. Be sure to check your bill to avoid overpaying.