AsiaBest Parks to Visit in Moscow
Moscow Park Zaryadye

Best Parks to Visit in Moscow

Best Parks to Visit in Moscow

Muzeon Park

Muzeon Park is a unique Moscow open-air museum of sculptures, the largest of its kind in our country (more than 800 works are presented in the park). Some may call it a sculpture graveyard, and it is a graveyard in a way. The sculptures of the soviet past by famous and unknown artists found their home after communism collapsed.

Moscow Parks Muzeon

The idea to send Soviet-era monuments and busts “to die” grouped them in one place first appeared in the 90s. At this time, the mass dismantling of statues of Lenin, Stalin, Sverdlov, Dzerzhinsky and other leaders of the communist began. There was no mercy for the memory of the dictators who ran the country for almost a century. But there was a concern about preserving the art: most of the sculptures were created by distinguished and talented Soviet sculptors.

The entire park filled with Lenins and Stalins, just like a movie. You are guaranteed to not see anything like this anywhere else. a

These cast-off statues are neighbored by more contemporary and sometimes ironic works.

Russian people were so fed up with socialism, they wanted to destroy all historical evidence of the country’s past. The decision was made to remove all the leaders’ sculptures and busts and preserve them in the park that is now called Muzeon.

Today the park territory is manicured. Original wooden paths, comfortable benches, tables and gazebos.

Art Museum exhibits in Moscow

Moscow Parks Muzeon

More than 1000 stone, bronze and wood sculptures found their home in Muzeon park. There is a very structured “zoning.” Each set of sculptures is dedicated to a particular topic or historical period. The park contains monuments dating back to the Soviet era and socialist realism and avant-garde art.

Zaryadye Park

Moscow Park Zaryadye

The thought behind the park was to show the essence of a Russian soul. To create space where one can feel at peace with nature and at the same time see ancient sites and the buzz of the capital. The park is framed by the Kremlin, Red Square, St. Basil’s Cathedral and the Moscow River – you can see Moscow’s core all at once.
Most parks in Russia have the same plan. Zaryadye was built to give visitors the freedom to wander in any direction.

Each park area represents Russian diverse landscapes: birch forests, tundra, the steppe, the wetlands.
Kremlin’s views are perfect for photos, and a remarkable boomerang-shaped bridge that looks like it’s floating in the air over the Moscow River. Locals call it the floating bridge.

Kolomenskoye Park -Estate

A huge park and an open-air museum, built on the hills with superb views – in Moscow’s northern outskirts, Kolomenskoye was for centuries the czars’ favorite dacha or summer residence. – Kolomenskoye is one of the locals’ favorite places for Sunday picnics and pleasure. Many historical wooden buildings from all parts of Russia have been transported here, including Peter the Great’s cabin he lived in a while learning ship-building in the north. The renowned Church of the Ascension of Christ, a multidimensional and eclectic, is one of the few museum churches open for worship.

How to get to Kolomenskoye park ?

Kolomenskoye park is located on the outskirts of Moscow. The easiest and the fastest way to get there is by metro .

Alexander Gardens Park

Gorky park

Moscow parks Gorky park

Gorky Park in Moscow is the most well-known and visited park in the capital. On weekdays, some 40 thousand people spend time here, on weekends and holidays – 250 thousand. It is a space for recreation, creativity, sports and games.Among all Moscow parks, Gorky park is the biggest and the most famous.

Moscow parks Gorky park

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