FloridaLincoln Road, Miami: What to See and Do
Lincoln road Miami Beach best things to see

Lincoln Road, Miami: What to See and Do

Miami’s own Lincoln Road is pretty popular, but did you know that it didn’t start out that way? Lincoln Road was once the hangout spot for locals where the most you could do was shop at some local mom-and-pop shops and businesses, but as they say, slow and steady wins the race. Today, Lincoln Road is a legend of retail stores where the monthly retail space rent can go as far as $40-150000 per month.

Lincoln Road, Miami: What to See and Do

It may be a fancy place, but it’s still a safe space for families and is a great neighborhood where early morning involves a lot of dog walks and breakfast at amazing cafes. If you’re in Miami, it’d be a sin to miss Lincoln road. So here’s all you should know about what to see and do while there:

Here are the best things to see and do in Lincoln Road Miami Beach


If you’re majoring in architecture or really love the way it all comes together, then you’ll love Lincoln road’s architecture. There are a few buildings you can look at, though the 1111 Building is highly recommended. An event venue and a parking garage, the 1111 Building, may not sound fancy, but it’s been designed by a world-renowned Swiss architectural firm, Herzog & de Meuron. The building immediately compels tourists and visitors towards its unique charm through intricately designed cubicles that rest atop one another. The parking space looks even more magnificent at night when it’s lit and has a great view, so if you’re fascinated by cars, architecture, lights, and sceneries, you’ll fit right in.

Performing Arts

Find yourself lost in a dreamy world of music, film, opera, and dance at the Colony Theatre which brings you back to the 1935-era art through its impressive and amazing shows. The Colony Theatre hosts several shows but brings back specials to give the holidays that extra cheer. If you’re a sucker for a diverse platform where all music, art, and dance come to life, there’s no better place. You could also hit up the historic Lincoln Theatre, which unites communities through its immersive shows, cinematic performance, and educational programmes. While it halted its services due to the pandemic, the Lincoln Theatre is opening its arms to the public starting January, so make a beeline!

It’s one of my favorite things to do in Miami

Visiting the Local Churches

The Miami Beach Community Church was recently renovated, but it still holds the original architecture from when it was built in 1921. It’s Miami’s oldest sanctuary and has a massive, gorgeous interior that will make anyone a believer (pun intended). Jokes aside, the Miami Beach Community Church is enriched with fine architecture and regularly holds sessions, so if you want to marvel at the interiors or take a little time to pray, you’re welcome. Plus, it’s a great way to see how beautiful historic structures are.

Taco About Food

Lincoln road is a great hub for foodies because you can practically get everything here. From street food to rich cuisines, there are cafes and restaurants for all. Spris Pizzeria offers an authentic Italian experience through its mouth-watering pizzas, prosciutto, bruschetta, and other delights. It’s also a great place to take the kids because who doesn’t like pizza? 

Segafredo is another Italian gem that started from Lincoln’s first branch, the l’Originale, and rapidly spread its branches all over. Segafredo was an instant hit when it opened up and is where you’ll frequently find the locals hanging about, munching on hot tapas, sipping cocktails, or just vibing to the upbeat music that plays throughout the day. 

Another Italian restaurant but one that’s a local and national delight, the Rosinella has passed down through generations and serves original recipes that are so good, you’ll keep coming for more. A pretty chic and luxurious eatery, Rosinella is popular for its antipasti and well-paired wines, so if you’re a wine connoisseur, you’ll have a great time. Plus, it’s a great excuse to drink during the day because why not when you’re on vacation? 

If you’re up for something that’s sizzling, hot, and downright tasty, head over to La Cerveceria de Barrio, where the Mexican heat will take you back to your spring break. The Cerveceria de Barrio has a pretty casual environment, so you won’t have to dress up neatly or worry about appearances; it’s truly a place to let loose and be yourself. 

For all the bookworms, Aura at Books and Books is going to be a delight. What once started as a bookstore cafe is now a trendy indie restaurant, but you can still catch a glimpse of its sweet history by taking in the infamous green wall with graffiti and cutting up some delicious smoked salmon. 

Bonus Eateries: Lincoln road surely has a lot to offer when it comes to food! The Lincoln Eatery is a posh, aesthetic restaurant that serves good food at a high price. If you’re looking for the prettiest outdoor, garden-style settings to greet your morning coffee, then you’ll love this eatery. If you want to aim for something a little more lowkey, homely and cozy, head over to Cortadito Coffee House and indulge in Cuban coffees, Cuban sandwiches, croquetas, salads, and more delicious treats.

Visiting the Farmer’s Market

Every weekend when the church bells toll at the Miami Beach Community Church, the street transforms into a Farmer’s Market where vegetable and fruit stands take a lively form. Invest in an animated day by visiting the Farmer’s Market and haggle with vendors, try the sweet honey, take a sip of Peruvian juice, and munch on Argentinian empanadas fresh off the grill!


Stretch your legs at the multiple yoga retreats on Lincoln road, where yoga takes happier forms and becomes a hub for people to connect at. 

Yappy Hour at the Dog Bar

Take your little paw-ls along on Yappy Hour at the Dog Bar and enjoy walks, delicacies, and special treats just for your dog!

Watch A Movie-But With A Twist

Join in on a public cinema that features a 7000 sq. ft. projection wall at the Lincoln Road Mall, where you can watch movies and films under the sparkling stars. 

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