Why you should visit Iceland

Known worldwide as the Land of Fire and Ice, this beautiful country is home to some of the largest glaciers in Europe and the most active volcanoes in the world. And a kaleidoscope of northern lights whirling in the sky from November through March.

Nature rules in Iceland. With its thundering waterfalls, magnificent glaciers, and impressive night-time displays, Iceland is a unique country that’s recently become a top-rated travel destination. Also referred to as The Land of Light and Darkness, Iceland enjoys long summer days where the sun shines for almost 24 hours, offset by winter days that are short with just a few hours of daylight.

How expensive it is to travel around Iceland

Considering that Iceland’s prices are 40% higher than those of the European Union, planning your Iceland trip budget is essential. 

Iceland is way more expensive than any other European country; it’s the third most costly country in the world. 

Despite the costs, a trip to Iceland is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The country lures explorers with its boiling hot springs, breathtaking glaciers and volcanoes, and out-of-this-world  lava fields

Transportation in Iceland

Uber is nonexistent in Iceland. So is most of the public transportation. The only options you have to get around are a rental car or tour bus. Most likely you will rent  take a car and go around Iceland – this is about the only way to travel. Stick to the ring road – it’s impossible to get lost- and stop wherever you like to explore.

You will certainly see a geyser – the show maker that brings more crowds

Take photos of the waterfall in which the Icelanders buried the pagan gods after converting to Christianity.

Explore Vatnajokull, aka the largest glacier in Europe, by its volume

You will try the rotten shart meat


The climate in Iceland is rather harsh and doesn’t uplift your mood.
Therefore, many cities in this country look bright and fresh. You’ll find non-standard architectural solutions in every city. Traditional Icelanders’ dwellings in small villages look comfy.