Honduras is an up-and-coming travel destination

Overlooked for many years by all but a few intrepid tourists, Honduras has been ignored by travelers for decades but recently experienced a tourism boom fueled by travel blogging and political stability measures.

Things are still not entirely stable in Honduras. Lack of tourist facilities and resorts and bad roads. 

Places to visit in Honduras

Pico Bonito has the most pristine nature, eco-lodges and magnificent plant and animal life.

But it is Bay islands that attract tourists most to Honduras. The Bay islands don’t even look like part of this country but as part of the Caribbean. There you’ll find the most comprehensive range of accommodations, from luxury hotels and dive reserves to treehouses. 

The biggest islands are Roatan, Utila and Guanaja, located approximately east to west parallel to the coast.

The bay islands have been inhabited mostly by the descendants of pirates and British pioneers.

On the east, Utila is a fit more to the budget traveler – backpacker. It is famous for diving schools. The beaches are not as Caribbean as the white sand beaches of Roatan, but diving spots around Utila are known to be the best in Central America.

Deep-sea diving is the primary draw for many travelers. Snorkeling in Utila, however, is stellar.

Honduras is an emerging sustainable travel destination . A lot of eco initiatives can be found in Pico Bonito national park . Active sports are popular in Pico Bonito too, rafting for example.

Copan Ruins - a must visit sight in Honduras

Only 8 miles away from Guatemala City and the Guatemala border are the Copan ruins. The mystical Maya sight lures history travelers to Honduras. 

Every monolith is preserved perfectly. You can see all the most delicate details of the Maya art—portraits of Maya rulers wearing enormous headpieces, glyphs, animals and other symbols of ancient culture.

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