Food is the international language of friendship and love.

Every country and every culture expresses itself in cuisine. 

Food is the international language. It’s one thing that opens the doors and breaks the barriers. 

Every culture in the world has traditions of sharing food to honor guests.

Eating brings us closer, and you don’t even need to travel too far to experience the socialization and bonding.

Nor do you need to travel the world to learn about other cultures (although it’s always the best way!) if you cultivate a love for trying new foods. 

After traveling the world for over 15 years, I am still amazed that food is always the universal language. No matter how remote my destination is, how different a host family’s beliefs and traditions, whether I speak the local language or not, food is always the answer.

Food brings opportunities to experience the local culture.

Traveling tempts us to try new flavors, and it entices us to communicate with those with whom we dine.

Seeing how others live is the only way to understand our place on earth, and that’s the real reason we travel; to find ourselves.

Different food in different countries

There are countries like Turkey, the Kingdoms of food. So good that when you visit Istanbul, you get the impression that the city is one big store or, even better, one big restaurant.

Or Russian cuisine, made on the verge of Czar’s era and the soviet era where canned green peas, potatoes, and mayonnaise were the only ingredients and Russians did all they could.

Italian cuisine is the most delicious and the simplest, based on the highest quality ingredients – where a regular market can be a gastro tour itself. 

Every country understands food differently. But nevertheless, it unites us the same. 

Wherever you choose to travel, food will reflect the country’s spirit. 

Travel and food are inseparably tangled

– wherever we travel to , we need to eat. When we eat we learn more about the country and its traditions.

In every trip we take, food unavoidably becomes one of our top attractions – and straightway to the depths of the local culture.
Food supports us physically, emotionally and even spiritually – believe it or not.

I’m very excited for you to check out the collection of my “eating around the world” experiences. They are very special to me as my best travel memories happen to spin around food …
It’s incredible how every food or eating tradition and etiquette has historic ground.