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5 things to do in Colorado Springs

This park opens early with the birds at 5 a.m. You could spend all day there taking in the natural beauty and marveling at the humongous rocks because the park closes at 11 p.m. But don’t miss the opportunity to watch the sun rise around this beautiful place. A registered national natural landmark, Garden of the Gods was named for…

Rocky Mountains National Park

Founded by Enos Mills , Colorado’smost famous naturalists Born in Kansas, he moved to Estes Park early in his life , fell in love with with the mountains and called it home . With the opening of famous Stanley hotel , Estes Park started to draw more and more visitors and attract commercial developments , destroying the tranquility and untouched…

Estes Park city

Estes Park in Colorado is something of a base camp for Rocky Mountain exploration. The village provides anything you could ever need on your quest into the Rocky Mountain National Park. What is there to do ? Experts are on hand to assist you in a range of wilderness activities for all of the family, so whether you are an…

Royal Gorge railroad

If you are looking to explore Colorado like miners once did, the only option you even want to think about is taking a train through the picturesque mountains. But not just any train. The Royal Gorge Railway has been in action since 1879, chugging over 100,000 passengers though the canyon every year, alongside the Arkansas River. Travelling along the Rio…

Key Lime Pie

The Key Lime pie didn’t become Florida’s flagship dessert until the 1950s, but it’s now synonymous with the State’s identity and pride of the Keys.

Lemon and lime pies have been around for centuries. A rustic version of the modern lime pie could have been enjoyed even by the Ancient Greeks.

More recently, you can find records of meringue-topped lime pies in Switzerland sometime in the early 19th century, and they came to be quite popular. 

Savannah Must See Sights

Colorful trolleys, buses and horse-drawn carriages carry tourists through the streets of savannah in guided tours .
the sweeping staircases, the frosted glass doors, the fancy wrought-iron grillwork, the gas lanterns, the oriels (crossword puzzles are not a waste of time), the guardian lions and dolphin-shaped drainpipes that we came across as we walked the historic district.

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