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Red Square Sights You Can’t Miss

Red Square is much bigger than it looks like in movies. It can take up to 6 hours to walk and see all of the Red Square sights, each of which is an architectural masterpiece.

Moscow Metro:The Ultimate Guide

Moscow metro is among the cleanest and most beautiful in the world.It won’t be an exaggeration to say that the Moscow subway is an underground museum. Out of its 250 stations, 44 are recognized architectural monuments and national heritage. Compared to the dirty, menacing subways of Paris and New York, the Moscow metro is pristine. There is free wifi, bathrooms…

Red October Factory

Red October factory is what used to be the city’s sweetest scene is now the coolest. The industrial setting is now turned into a district with galleries, cafes and event spaces.

Moscow in One Day :Itenerary

Moscow in 1 day. A two hour walking route Russia’s capital is such an enchanting city, with such a rich cultural history.Moscow’s most convenient thing is that the key monuments, the absolute must-see symbols of Russia are all concentrated in the same area. It makes it easy to see the main sights if you have a one-day or even a…

Moscow Museums

Tretyakov Gallery For almost seven centuries, Russian artists painted pretty much one thing: icons. And they have gotten extremely good at it. Russian icons are inspiring, haunting and very exquisite. You see icons everywhere in Russia. Cathedrals, of course. Every taxi driver (and regular driver) will keep an icon or a set of icons in a car, taking the prime…

Visiting the Cathedral of Christ the Savior

Even the locals who are always in a hurry and are used to hundreds of onion dome churches constantly in their sight still stop to admire the grandeur of Christ the Savior Cathedral. The cathedral is located on the Moscow River banks near the Pushkin Museum for the Fine Arts. For many Russians, the Cathedral symbolizes the effort to defeat…

Must-Visit Moscow Parks

Muzeon Park Muzeon Park is a unique open-air museum of sculptures, the largest of its kind in our country (more than 800 works are presented in the park). Some may call it a sculpture graveyard, and it is a graveyard in a way. The sculptures of the soviet past by famous and unknown artists found their home after communism collapsed….

Kitay-Gorod Sights

Kitay-gorod is of the most ancient capital’s district, adjacent to the Moscow Kremlin walls; Kitay-Gorod is rich in architectural monuments: the history of churches, cathedrals, estates and tenement houses goes back centuries.

Old Arbat Sights

Old Arbat is the number one destination, where you come to see and to be seen. The Arbat is almost always buzzing. Locals are hurrying to work. Visitors are sightseing dozens of aspiring artists painting portraits and selling their paintings.