Why is Turkey such a popular travel destination?

Turkey, a unique, powerful nation that balances Europe and Asia, East and West, old and new – all in one destination. Isn’t this a traveler’s dream? One country that checks all the boxes. And fits the bill.

Most travelers start their travel to Turkey with Istanbul and explore the city’s vibrant history and culture.

Tour the Old City, where the key historical sights are gathered, for example, the Hagia Sophia, Topkapi Palace, Blue Mosque. A dramatic addition to your first acquaintance with Istanbul would be a Bosphorus cruise. Bosphorus is the canal that divides the city, a great escape from Istanbul’s crazy energy and bustle.

Istanbul has something for every traveler

Tripadvisor chose Istanbul as the world’s best city a few years ago, beating Rome and London, and not by chance. Who wouldn’t want to dine and shop amid Ottoman Empire and Roman structures? On the Instagram friendly scale, Istanbul gets 10 out of 10. Turkish food scene in continent-straddling Istanbul – among the most diverse and exquisite in the world.

If you are looking to travel beyond Istanbul, consider many archaeological sites around Turkey. Incredible ruins and biblical sights in Ephesus, located on Turkey’s southwestern coast. The out-of-this-world landscapes of Cappadocia in central Turkey – these land formations cannot be compared to anything else on Earth.

If you’re feeling determined, you can do both. It all depends on your interest.

Ephesus sights include the St. John’s Basilica,Temple of Artemis, and the House of the Virgin Mary, and other biblical places. The best thing about visiting Ephesus is its proximity to the Aegean Sea, a perfect break from the summer heat if you are visiting in summer.

The Ultimate Foodie’s Guide To Istanbul Food and Drink

Istanbul Food and Drinks guide When you visit Istanbul, you get the impression that the city is one big store or, even better, one big restaurant. There are thousands of cafes and bakeries on virtually every street. Therefore, finding a place to eat is not an issue. Turkish cuisine is famous for its history. We can trace culinary traditions back…

Blue Mosque,Istanbul-What You Need To Know Before You Visit

Many of the world’s most famous architectural monuments were erected in celebration of great military victories. In contrast, the Sultan Ahmed Mosque, also known as the Blue Mosque, was built after Turkey suffered several major defeats during the early 1600s.  As Sultan Ahmet did now know how to protect his empire or to restore its power and fortitude, he turned…

5 Best Things You Should Do In Istanbul ,Turkey

The wedding of John F.Kennedy and Carolyn Bessette was one of the most important social events of 1996. The final touch to this significant big event was their choice of honeymoon destination. Most socialites of their era and today would choose a Caribbean Island, Maldives, or Paris.

Karakoy : the Modern Istanbul

There are two Istanbuls. One is historic, an ancient city with abundance of cultural treasures — from the Egyptian Obelisk to the walls of the Roman hippodrome and Ottoman monuments. Then there is modern Istanbul, a vibrant metropolis of 15 million.

A Complete Guide to Ortakoy ,Istanbul

The name Ortakoy means “the village in the middle”, as it is nestled between the two villages of Asrakoy and Pynarkoy. When Istanbul was captured by the Ottomans, Ortakoy was a multinational district, housing Greek, Armenian, Jewish and Turkish peoples in one territory.

A Complete Travel Guide to Beyoglu, Istanbul

A complete guide to Beyoglu Istanbul. Beyoglu known for its architecture and creative community of artists, writers, performers and media types. It is also a major business center, a popular cultural and vacation destination, and the sort of place where life never stops moving for a minute.

A Complete Guide to Istanbul Bazaars : What to Buy and How to Bargain

The Grand Bazaar or Kapalicarsi as the locals call it ,is often thought to be a tourist trap but I think it couldn’t be further from the truth . Tourist traps from my experience, are tourist activities that stage the natural environment or experience but are in fact totally fake.

The Ultimate Foodie’s Guide for Istanbul Street Food

What is Istanbul street food? In my opinion, it is one of the main attractions of the city. Without it, the ancient city would lose its flavor; it would simply not be the same Istanbul that we fell in love with. To visit Istanbul and not to try street food is not excusable.  Istanbul, All Its Delicious Secrets Revealed Istanbul…