Peru is a magical place to travel to

Peru is enormous; it’s the size of the American West Coast, but the secrets behind its culture and thousands of years of history and even larger.The South American country sits between the Pacific Ocean and the Andes, and it’s considered a megadiverse country for its extraordinary range of native plants and animals.

Traveling to Peru means learning about traditions

What brings the country together is its ancient history. Peru was in the heart of the Inca empire that dominated the area from the 13th century until their defeat against the Spaniard conquerors in 1572, and the people still hold Inca traditions as their own. Peruvians, the people of the sun, are a closed community and have assimilated little of the modern ways spread in the rest of America. However, it’s because of this seclusion that you can still find extraordinary unaltered traditions.

The History from Cusco to Nasca is phenomenal

Peru, meaning ‘land of abundance’ in the Quechua Indian language, is a truly divine and magical place to travel to. Peru is home to a wide range of landscapes and climates, from the Pacific coast, to the Andes mountain range and Amazon rainforest. Furthermore, it is considered one of five birthplaces of civilization, with human history dating back thousands of years. Now, thanks to its unique blend of gorgeous scenery and a history as intricately woven as the bright Quechuan fabrics, Peru’s Sacred Valley is a top tourist destination.

Machu Pichu

Macchu Picchu overlooks mountaintops covered with jungle forest and a winding, small valley. Noone is sure about the real purpose of this city. Much mystery surrounds it. Somehow most of the skeletons found there are of women, adding to the argument that Inca kings were served by young virgins and sacrificed them.

The world wonder is packed into two square miles of mountain tops, terraced on hundreds of levels. There are almost 200 rock staircases and over 3,000 stairs.