Volcano Mudbath and Waterfall Shower

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Volcano Mudbath and Waterfall Shower

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Saint Lucia impressed us not only with it’s picturesque and breathtaking views; it also turned out to be a natural spa destination

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After an hour and a half drive through the jungle,up to the mountains which was for sure one of the most impressive parts of the journey( those who have been hooked on LOST would understand me perfectly:)

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This was the way to get to the Soufriere village where the famous sulphur springs are located

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Taking a sulfur mud bath definitely adds emotions to your holidays experience , the fine grey mud that comes directly from the volcano in a little muddy waterfall ( which is only a couple of minutes away) and is known to give therapeutic relief from neuralgia, rheumatism, back pain and other ailments.

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The whole place had a “rotten egg” smell, of sulfur dioxide gas escaping into the air – and that’s the reason. The ONLY drive in volcano in the world.

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Continuing our natural spa experience we moved to the waterfall, to wash away the leftovers of the healthy mud bath from the skin

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A small advice from my heart: if you ever do take sulphur mud baths, make sure you have a loofah sponge with you, since this mud is some kind of special and tends to get so deep into the pores(maybe because I let it dry 100% -but thats what you are supposed to do) that even after scrubbing in warm shower some pieces didn’t come off 🙂 Needless to say that in a small cold water shower that you can find right on the place it will be a complete misery to try washing it off at least to get rid of deep grey color!:):)

Here it is after a lot of cleaning


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