Travelling to Uzbekistan is easier than you think

 Uzbekistan has been welcoming visitors from around the world since the first caravan made its way down the Silk Road. That tradition was recently extended by a speedier online visa process, but it hasn’t spoiled.

Uzbekistan is the ultimate destination for photographers

 Uzbekistan is a largely untouched destination for adventurous travelers. 

The country is so strikingly beautiful in so many distinct ways that you’ll find yourself wondering if Uzbekistan waited thousands of years just for someone to invent Instagram.

Uniquely impressive architecture of the East

Much of Uzbekistan’s uniquely impressive architecture still stands in pristine condition, waiting to be discovered by a new generation of travelers looking for fresh adventure. The Uzbek devotion to preservation doesn’t stop with its magnificent showcase buildings: in Bukhara, for instance, you can walk the same streets and shop in the same bazaars as medieval travelers did.