Pine Beaches

//Pine Beaches

Pine Beaches

Makarska Riviera was my vacation destination this time and I could not be happier with the choice. I could write many many posts just describing the beauty of the Adriatic Sea, where I have never been before.The most exiting thing about Dalmatia beaches are the pines…the grow so close to the shore and are often being used as beach umbrellas. The views are phenomenal : the turquoise waters and pines..mountains on the back. Exceptional.








Dalmatia is a really special beach vacation spot, pebble beaches are not everyone’s favorite but I loved it so much more than sand that gets into your eyes,ears,hair and camera! It also makes the water so clear, even if you swim far far from the shore. And using the special sea shoes (which are the first must buy in Croatia – a lot of sea urchins in water,and those guys are known to only live in the most ecologically clean places!)it doesn’t hurt your feet when you walk. Adriatic is salty,maybe more than regular, I’ve heard a lot about Healing properties of the Adriatic Sea.




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