My Californian Friend – Cody

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My Californian Friend – Cody


Let me introduce you to Cody.She is a parrot living in Coronado Island and she became one of my biggest friends and sweetest memories from California.It sounds very funny, and I promise I never thought I officially admit that I cuddled with a parrot! Cody lived in the hall of our apartment complex and I came to see her several times a day.By the end of the trip she got so used to me that every time I appeared in the hall she started talking and moving towards the end of the cage to sit on my shoulder..or head..or back.. The day I came to say goodbye to her, she started kissing me ( and I also promise I never thought I would be kissed by a parrot and/or be happy about it!) Later we found out from the receptionist that Cody was known to be very aggressive and some of the guests would not even come close to her (I’m sure I would not if I only knew about it !)  This birdie chose to be her foreign friend too:)


Sunset at Hotel del Coronado
The Happiest Place on Earth
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