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Me Tarzan You Jane


One of the advantages of Krka National Park, over Plitvize Lakes, is this one huge waterfall..where you can legally swim.It may not sound very convincing to go all the way to Croatia just to shower in a waterfall, but this one is really worth it! Once you dive in the cold cold water ( which is actually very nice and refreshing in a hot day after a long walk around the park) and you get the view of the large picture-perfect waterfall right in front of you, the feeling of being submerged, and blown away by the loud sound of water,its fresh scent and jungle around, the only thought is that just this moment was worth the whole trip..anyway that was my first reflection. And of course, I couldn’t but feel like a Tarzan, and even crowds of people around didn’t bother me, I still felt as if I was in my own wild jungle 🙂



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